Yearly Goals Update!

07 - 10 - 2014 (1)

Since we are about a third of the way through 2016, I decided it was time to do an update on my year long goals! For those of you who don’t know, I created five categories, with five goals each, for a total of 25 goals the year I turn 25.

blogging goals
1. Gain 1,000 followers on Instagram! I am about 160 short of this goal, which is awesome because I was aiming for about 25 a month and that’s been happening…and more! You can totally check out my Instagram here…and there will be another prompt coming up soon!
2. Have 500 likes on my Facebook page! Facebook is one of my favorite social media sites but adding followers on there has proven to be more difficult than I realized! I need to work more on this as the year continues. Feel free to go take a look at my Facebook page…it’s a surefire way to get all my updates, some behind the scene photos and lots of shares of other blogs I love.
3. Set up blog guest posts for the few weeks I will probably have to take off due to having a child. I did get a few! I also wrote up a few posts ahead of time. I did better then than when I had the flu.
4. Improve my blog photography. I’ve been working so hard at this! I personally think I’ve improved a little but this is going to be a forever project so…here’s to fighting for it forever!
5. Re-Designing the blog and launching it. I redesigned it and I love it.
kid goals
1. Include them in cooking more often. We’ve been doing this and I LOVE it. Just the other day the little guy I nanny for cut up all his own tomatoes for snack! I really want to focus on doing more cooking with the 13 year old, but with her activities, she’s just not home when we cook most days.
2. Implement daily and weekly chores and stick to them. Weekly chores are not working, but daily ones are. We’ve implemented a reward system for helping around the house(that consists of the electronics and cell phone…I hope to write about that exactly in a post soon!) and it’s been so helpful with the new baby. Plus Doodle is learning how to do laundry, dishes, etc, and the younger kids get to wash things down and sweep. Even Bug loves to get in on the action!
3. Finish the reading nook in the girls room. This has not happened. At all. Except a little planning on Pinterest.
4. Lessen the amount of things they own. We’ve gotten rid of so many clothes and toys…only to keep getting more! I have a feeling this will be an ongoing battle.
5. Take a photo of the kids every month. I missed March somehow, but I’ve gotten every other month!
relationship goals
1. Finish a bible study together. We’ve haven’t done one alone yet, however he’s stuck in the booth on nights during the summer, so I’m hoping to have him read it during that.
2. 24 Dates in 12 months! The only month we did not get two full, just us(or well groups of adult) dates was April! We had two, but one there was a small child with us…the price of having a newborn. It’s been wonderful to have our own time though.
3. Pray together before bed every night. We have failed so hard at this.
4. Make some couple friends we can spend time with, both together and separately. We have definitely made a few couple friends and I’ve connected on such strong and awesome levels with the wives. Josh has become friendly with some of the men and honestly, with the fact he’s a total introvert, I’m counting that as a win.
5. Take part in one of the marriage bible studies our church is putting on! Our church still hasn’t started one!
personal goals
1. Read 52 books in the year. I have been doing terribly at this. I read about eight books so far…aka I am far behind my hoped for number. I’m aiming to do better now that I am not quite as insane with a newborn and to catch up!
2. Find, utilize, and rock a personal planner. DONE . Guys, I wanted to try the whole huge planner life but goodness it stressed me out. I bought a simple one from Walmart and I love it. 
3. Create a garden and tend to it. We live in western mass, so this hasn’t even been an option to start yet. Josh is getting the boards this week to create our raised bed though and I’ve been planning what vegetables I want to grow. 
4. Improve my running time so I am back to 10 minutes or less for a mile. This also really wasn’t something I could start until now. I’m six weeks postpartum so I have the okay to really do any exercise at this point. Just have to be kind to the abs that were sliced open! I’ve been exercising though and walking a lot. Just building my muscles and endurance up.
5. Fully embrace my word of the year: CONTENT. This is an on going battle for us, but I believe I’ve gotten better about it.
christ following goals
1. Take Back Sunday. Our Sunday’s have been church and family filled. I’ve said no to a few activities the kids have tried to convince me to do because they weren’t really helpful to my sabbath day.
2. Double the size of The Group. Our friendships have grown and the connections have deepened…but there has not been much physical growth.
3. Create a refuge in our home. I have to check in with other people to see if they think this is happening! But I’ve been working so hard at making out home a place people are able to come when things are hard or they need a friend. I want them to feel safe and loved here. That’s included making sure it’s not a mess, that things look presentable, and that there’s always a coffee to offer or a cookie inside. I love this, a whole lot, as hospitality is so one of my spiritual gifts.
4. List a blessing a day! Failure. Absolute failure with this.
5. Make time for Jesus. I am really and truly struggling with this. My pastor made a comment in his sermon the other day: “if you’re too busy to pray, you are just too busy”. I actually whispered to my husband, “Yes. I know. I am”. I really need to work on one on one time with Jesus, my bible and prayer. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I feel like I’m doing okay as far as our goals go! There’s definitely a few I need to work on but I’ve succeeded in the starting portion of a lot of the year long ones and some I have finished less than halfway through the year!

What about you? How are you doing on your New Years resolutions or goals?


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  1. Sounds like you’re doing really great! I’ve made a list of 30 things to do before my next birthday, and I’m a little behind. You’ve given me some motivation!

    • says:

      I’ve seen your list!! You got this!! Blogging about it is such a great way to keep accountability

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