World Mental Health Day 2016

Hey all you lovely beings, reading this right now! Today is World Mental Health Day!

If this is your first time on my blog, it’s important you know that I am so passionate about raising awareness and acceptance for mental health in children and adults. If you’re not new on the blog, you should already know this! I’ve written a handful of posts on my personal journeys and living with my own mental illnesses as well as posts on children’s mental health.


What are some of the topics I’ve previously written about?

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Mental health, self care, mental illnesses and overcoming it all is something I care very much about and from the reader survey I did, it’s something you as readers of this blog, care to hear about. I’m humbled and I am honored that my opinion and advice on these things is something people care to read.

If you’re out there and dealing with postpartum depression, an eating disorder, PTSD, anxiety, or OCD…I want you to know you’re not alone. If your child is dealing with any of these things, I want you to know you’re not alone either. I promise to keep authenticity and honesty around mental health on my blog, always. I promise to keep writing about these things and standing next to others in solidarity. You are not alone.

Today I will be sharing 25 little ways to take care of yourself RIGHT NOW! I’m doing my own little bit of self care today by hiking to the highest point in Massachusetts with Doodle and Bear!

Take Care Of Your Mental Health Now:

  1. Turn your favorite song up as loud as possible.
  2. Drink a glass of water.
  3. Write down 15 reasons you love yourself
  4. Pray.
  5. Light a candle and watch it burn
  6. Have some FUN.
  7. Have a cup of tea
  8. Or of coffee!
  9. Go for a hike in the woods
  10. Get a grown up coloring book and color!
  11. Journal your feelings out
  12. Take a bubble bath
  13. Or use a hair mask!
  14. Pet some animal. Maybe not a skunk outside, but a cat or something.
  15. Eat a treat. That’s salty things for me, but maybe chocolate for you
  16. DANCE around your living room
  17. Make a Pinterest board of inspirational and comforting quotes
  18. List 20 things you’re thankful for
  19. Watch a sitcom
  20. Go for a walk with friends
  21. Get your hair done
  22. Get some sleep
  23. Create a self care kit
  24. Have a milk shake
  25. Do an act of kindness for someone else

Take today to help raise awareness and acceptance about mental health; also take today to practice some self care!


2 thoughts on “World Mental Health Day 2016

  1. These ideas are such simple ways to care for ourselves, but yet we don’t often think to do them. Except the coffee and chocolate. I do that daily. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing about such an important topic! Pinning!

  2. FAB post, girlfriend. I’m so happy and proud of you for being such a strong, constant advocate for mental health awareness. It’s such an important topic – props to you for consistently standing up and speaking out! THANK YOU for including my link, too…so sweet of you. 🙂

    Coming Up Roses

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