Whole30 Update: Day 15!

Hey guys! Today I am HALFWAY done with the Whole30. It’s kind of funny because when I started I felt like every day was taking forever. Now, halfway there, and it feels like this is just life.

(If you want to check out the Day 8 update, it’s right here!)

For complete and total authenticity: I am no longer completely Whole30 compliant. On Thursday, my anxiety that had been rising for the past week or so ended with a mini panic attack. I made the executive decision to take the natural supplement I have for magnesium and poof! Stevia. I’m truly okay with this singular allowance. I’ve lived with anxiety for years and I prefer to use this to my prescribed medications when possible.

However outside of the little bit of stevia in this supplement, I am still 99% Whole30 compliant! Now..onto how I am doing physically and mentally!

Physical Perks:

I feel like a million bucks y’all! Other than Wednesday night when my anxiety was growing, I have been sleeping more solid and longer than I have…well ever. My FitBit sleep average is over an hour longer than it used to be. I have energy throughout the day and once it’s about 10pm, I’m ready to lay down and fall asleep. And I’m not sure if this is actually a side effect or just a coincidence, but my eyelashes guys. They look amazing! The length has definitely grown since the last time I put on mascara. (Which is like a week go :p )

Physical Downfalls:

I heard a rumor that this was supposed to clear my skin up…that has not happened yet. I’m not sure if it’s hormones because sooner or later I will get my lady friend back…but no clear skin yet. And while the sleep part is nice, being done at 10pm puts a damper on my blog writing. I usually work after the kids go to bed so I can really focus. Josh is at work most days again and I’m struggling to find time to really work on the blog.

Mental Perks:

Overall, I just feel better. I feel more in control with my eating than I think I ever have. I am able to focus a lot better without one of these things I have omitted from my diet-possibly sugar? I love that because focusing is something I struggle with a lot. That’s also been something I can count below though because focusing on the wrong things is a huge downfall of mine.

Mental Downfalls:

I am seriously struggling with not being able to eat our Easter dinner like usual. Every year my Mema makes scalloped potatoes. We eat as a family, with buns and ham. I missed last years Easter because I had just had Bear…and now I’m pretty much missing this year as well. I am trying to keep in perspective that Easter isn’t about the food we eat or pies. It’s about the salvation given to us when our Christ rose from the tomb. My reflections on Good Friday have me really focusing on replacing those foods I so love with Jesus.

I’ve also, as I mentioned above, have seen a change with my obsessive thoughts. I’m going to continue taking the Natural Calm and see if this was a reaction to losing that boost or if it’s partially because of the diet change. I’m thinking it may be because of no supplements…but we will see!

Overall, I am still loving this Whole30 process. I’m totally excited to be halfway through the time because I still have a watering mouth when I see peanut butter.

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