What to Expect from Me(And What I Expect From YOU) in 2017

Hey y’all! I apologize for the radio silence on the blog since 2017 began. I’ve been spending a lot of time in prayer and considering what I want to truly spend time on in 2017, as far as the ministry I am able to share on Bellows in the Berkshires. I think I’ve spent enough time on it to really share what I’m aiming for in this space in 2017!

(Also, I have been a little busy with sick kids. Less than a week into the year and we’ve been to the ER and doctors!)

Authentic, thriving motherhood: I will be sharing authentic truths that help me to thrive, not survive, as a mother. Not all of this will be encouragement-a lot will be the raw truths of parenting. Let’s aim to thrive together! 

Christ-centered relationships:  It’s a step away from where I was last year, but I’ve felt a calling for a long time to talk about friendships, family ties, and marriage centered in Christ. This won’t be all happy talks. I already have on my heart, talking about being in a Christian marriage, but not a Christ centered relationship. I also have felt an urging to talk a lot about friendships and church families. I can’t wait to explore this with you! 

Neurodiversity:  On the reader survey I  put out in September, there was a lot of feedback that you guys wanted more stuff about mental health-and I think that’s wonderful! I am going to try and work in some mental health stuff, be it living with mental illnesses and Jesus, kids mental health, or factual posts. 

The Berkshires!: At lest once a month I will be writing about something in the North Berkshires. This may be a date night, some of our favorite restaurants, events…whatever! No matter what it is, I want to rave more about the place I love so much. 

Of course, I’ll still be updating y’all on the regular about us as a family, holiday or happenings. I have a series I’ll be doing monthly on our favorite things, a short update, and happenings! 
Now what do I expect from you in the new year?  A lot of nerve I know, for me to give you things to do, but here are a dozen simple enough things you can do in this new year to make it as AMAZING as possible! 

1. Start moving more! Seriously y’all, movement helps you feel so much better. I know sometimes we associate exercise with weight loss, but it doesn’t have to be connected-just move and release those good endorphins. 2. Get yourself a physical! Y’all, this year make sure you set up a physical. We’re all over getting our kids taken care of but BOOM we forget ourselves. 

3. (Ladies) Have your lady parts checked. I dread this but let’s take care of our reproductive organs, right ladies? (Gents) If you are of a certain age…when was the last time you discussed a prostate exam? I know, I know-uncomfortable. But take care of that! 

4. When was your last dentist appointment? Not in the last six months?! Make an appointment ASAP. If I can suck it up, you can suck it up. 

5. Declutter your wardrobes. It’ll make folding and putting away your clothes that much easier. 

6. How’s your mental health? If you’re on the struggle bus like me-find yourself someone to talk to. Therapists rock. 

7. Buy yourself a water bottle. Get an extra cute one from the dollar section of Target. Drink that water! 

8. Put down the coffee cup. Oh no. I went there. I’ve noticed a trend in momming where it’s basically a battle of who sleeps the least and who drinks the most cups of coffee. Having ten cups of coffee to function isn’t healthy. Put it down. 

9. Also put down the wine. If you need alcohol at the end of the day to “deal with” your life, please talk to someone. Seriously. I don’t say that judgmentally, I say it out of love for your health. Alcohol can be an addiction and in this new year, let’s all strive as mothers and members of society to stop the annoying belief alcohol usage is a healthy coping tool.

10. On those notes? Get some darn sleep!

11. Find an accountability friend and rely on each other. One thing I desperately want to begin in our church is an accountability program-where we have a partner of the same sex, in a similar place in life, who we can go to when things are hard. You can find a friend who is a parent, from your church, from book club…whatever! And they help keep you focused on being the best you that you can be. 

12. Pray. Pray. Pray. I read a book yesterday (and shockingly yes-I read 90% of it in one day!) that was just so convicting over our prayer lives. I’m going to be sharing some of what God put on my heart for prayer, but just today-I have felt such peace leaning onto Him with prayer. 

Happy 2017! I hope you are all still here in 2018! 

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