Valentine’s Day Dinner/Dance 2016

Fellowship is one of my favorite and most passionate areas as a person, Christian and mother.

I love fellowship.

When the idea of a Valentine’s Dinner/Dance popped up, I jumped at the opportunity to help plan a church event for our 18+ members. With two amazing ladies, Terri and Jen, we put together a night out! You can see my look for the dinner/dance here!


Our beautiful decorations and the awesome “photo booth” extras were made by Jen. You can find her over at Summer Mondays. (You can also have my kids collect twigs for you if needed!) Look how gorgeous they were. If you live in Western Mass and have plans for social events, consider contacting her! She also makes beautiful cards.

IMG_8670  IMG_8674


I mean, look how cute our photo booth props were!


We also wanted to have some fun available for a few couples to get up front and have a few laughs. I put together 15 questions to ask for a “How Well Do You Know Your Mate?” game! I also had the honor of hosting this game, since we all know I am a ham! The questions we used are below! For the winning team, we had a big box of chocolate…who doesn’t love chocolate?!


Our game was a total success, with laughs all around; and we did remind everyone that if needed, we have some marriage counseling!

After the game there was a night of dancing, where we had that one dance where you invite all the married couples out on the dance floor and slowly send them back until the couple that has been married the longest is the only one left. We all celebrated the one couple in our church that has been married for 48 years; and I also pointed out ton Valentine’s Day, my grandparents would have been married 46 years! Happy Anniversary to two of my favorite humans!


It was the perfect way to celebrate the evening, surrounded by good food, family, friends and my amazing husband. Plus my sister helped me look great, so I felt amazing for 35 weeks pregnant! If you want to see more photos, check out the hashtag “fbcnavalentines” on Instagram or my personal Instagram!


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