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Hey y’all! As most of you know, our school year started back up about two weeks ago and with it, I began Tot School-out homeschool system for the little kids! While the big kids are in school, I have a “lesson” plan of sorts, following Bug’s lead for what we learn about.


Our first week of Tot School was last week and we started off with colors! I want to share our simple, yet effective ways of helping my toddler learn his colors. This week I had six lesson ideas down and we managed to finish 4 of them! Bug still struggles with his colors a bit, so these will be ongoing lessons, but he is doing much better than he was a week ago! And the added bonus? Even without retention, he had activities to do that kept his mind busy and his body still for a moment-a plus for him and a plus for his mama. (You can decide which is the plus for which!) I’m a big fan of anything that incorporates sensory exploration, as well. And if you can do it for cheap or near free? Perfection!

Now, for the juicy details you’re actually here for; what did we do?!

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The first thing I introduced to him was a book to read and use to begin to really point out the colors. The book we used was “My Box of Color” by Lorianne Siomades. I’m not sure if this is out anymore, as it’s one that my husband had, but if it is I truly recommend it! It’s a fun little book that goes through the colors of different things kids would know about. Bug and I read it through and I would point out what color each picture was.

For a sensory and practice in recognition of colors, I cut up a bunch of foam triangles to sort out. This can also be used in the future if you decide to do a lesson on shapes(that’s actually coming in the next month!). Th foam gives him a chance to bend and play with them. If you’re like me and have even younger ones hanging around, make sure the toddler doesn’t try and feed the foam shapes to the baby.

We wanted to incorporate some movement, because he is a two year old, so I created a scavenger hunt for colors. I got simple brown bags and painted a dot of each color on a bag. Then off we went! I walked around with the house with him and also allowed him to find things for each color bag. I encouraged him to say each color out loud as he put them into the bags.

Our final activity was to paint our own rainbows. I drew out a rough rainbow on white paper and wrote the color in a gel pen of that color in each stripe. This art craft may be a better choice for an older child. Bug enjoyed finger painting, but his rainbow definitely didn’t stay the right colors-it pretty much ended up completely brown rainbow. But hey, sensory play with finger paints is totally not a negative!


(As you can see, didn’t work well!)




(Concentrating so hard)


(The aftermath…)


(Our little cheering section!)

Stay tuned for our updates in tot learning on here and on Instagram with the hashtag #bellowshomeschool2016! It probably won’t be a weekly blog update but I will be sharing our successful weeks.


What do you do with your toddlers to teach colors?


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