Tips to Make Your Pumpkin Patch the Absolute Best

Happy Fall Y’all! This past weekend we did a family trip to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins, take some of the basic and necessary fall photos and grab our pumpkins for carving. I’m not huge on pumpkins in general and I TOTALLY hate carving them…but pumpkin seeds give me meaning in the fall. So here I am, with three pumpkins awaiting carving, ready to eat them all in one sitting.

The pumpkin patch, like anywhere else in the world really, can be difficult when navigating with kids. This was actually our first year bringing all the kids to Whitney’s. Last year we did pumpkins at home that were given to us and I don’t remember doing them before then! So we ventured to our first year doing the pumpkin patch as a family with some tips in mind. I figured I would share them with y’all, in hopes it may make your pumpkin patch adventures a little more fun.


Go on a nice day! We purposefully waited until a day we could all go and it was decent warmth outside. When it’s too cold, it’s not fun for anyone but especially not for the littlest ones. It was still sweater weather, maybe about five degrees cooler than perfect weather, but it was a beautiful day!

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Pick somewhere with more to do than just walk out and grab your pumpkins. We went to Whitney’s which is a great farm all year round but they have pumpkin fest on Saturdays and Sundays during the month and it was such a good choice! We love the playground there and the kids played on it and fed the animals for about an hour before we picked out our pumpkins. We went on the tractor hayride after we got our pumpkins and if Doodle didn’t have a party to get to, we totally would have gone through the corn maze!




The “You have to carry it out” method. Guys, this is a genius method and I wish I could say it was 100% my idea, but my parents implemented this way back in the day as well. For those of you with one or two kids, this might not be for you. You have enough hands to carry everything if you each have to get a pumpkin. For us though, we have two adults with five kids hanging out there. So we went into this with the rule, if you want that pumpkin you better be able to carry it out! Doodle is a strong girl and her pumpkin wsa huge(I couldn’t carry it y’all!) so I guess her boxing is totally paying off!






If you still have to get your pumpkins for Halloween, good luck! We still have to go apple picking(don’t tell my kids though, because they are totally going to be super excited!) and I have to finish our costumes…can’t wait to show them to y’all. A hint? Welcome to the Hundred Acre Woods!!!

What are your Halloween plans?


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