Finding Time Mama: Time for Faith

It’s our first Wednesday with my new “Finding Time for Mama” series and I am so blessed to have our first week be about finding time for faith!

A lot of times I have people ask me “Where does your time go?”

I’m a stay at home wife and mother. I clean the house, raise my kid, cook the meals, make sure my husband is off to work on time, and keep the dogs from making messes in the house. Even though my days are long and busy, I’ve never missed out on my time with God.

Even though my days are long and busy, I’ve never missed out on my time with God.

4 out of 7 days I have something going on at church. Sunday we have church service, Monday a church young adults group, Tuesdays I have a Women’s group at the church, and then Wednesday night service. On the days I’m not in church I make time to read my bible. I wake up earlier than my husband and son, so that I have a few extra hours reserved for blogging and bible study.

We put our faith first and foremost in our home. We tithe the first 10% of any money that comes into our house. That means if we get a check, and it’s $200, $20 will go to God. If my electric bill is $189, we will risk the power being shut off to stay true to our tithe. So far, I’ve had no issues with anything being cut off, though occasionally we make a late payment.

When it comes to my toddler, I try to incorporate what I can. He’s a little young to understand, but he’s growing up hearing mommy sing along to the Christian radio stations in the car. His bedtime stories come out of his children’s bible, and we sing Jesus Loves Me and The B-I-B-L-E song whenever we’re playing. I can’t wait for the day he’s old enough to ask questions and really understand the stories we read at night. So far his favorite is the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den, but mainly because of the Lion.

Thank you so much to Marci for taking the first post in this series! Faith is something extremely important to me and I love seeing how she has gone through how important her tithing is. Stay tuned for next week, for another “Finding Time For Mama” post! 

How do you incorporate your faith into your daily lives, mamas?



Marci Smith is the mama behind The Southern Smiths. She’s also rocking a blended family with a son from a previous marriage and another on the way with her husband. She’s a Christian stay at home mom who loves dogs, enjoys reading and writing, and blogs about family life and her faith. You can also catch her at these social media sites: Instagram and Facebook!

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