Third Trimester Update

Happy third trimester today!

I am officially in the end stretch of this pregnancy; only 12 (or maybe closer to 14, if Bug was any indication!) weeks left until Bear joins our crazy, full household. I am so excited to finally be in the third trimester, if only because I find my anxiety severely decreases once I am here. After 28 weeks, the survival rate of preterm labor grows to about 90%. Even though there’s never been a threat of preterm labor or an early birth…it’s still one of my biggest fears.

What have we been up to?

IMG_8520 (2)

(Mama about two weeks ago, in her pregnant Christmas outfit shoot)

The bump and I have been enjoying our holidays, though Bear may be enjoying them a little more than me…I miss our Christmas drinks! Christmas was amazing and fun. We enjoyed all the food and partied until late into the night. (If you want to see more about our Christmas check out here!)
The baby is the size of a coconut at this point. I have my sugar test for gestational diabetes next week and I’m hoping my levels are as perfect as they were with Bug and I don’t have to change anything. I’m also a little worried though, because I crave sugar and salt so badly this time. With Bug, I ate healthy 90% of the time. With Bear? It’s closer to 50%. I’m feeling a tad bit nervous about that.
We recently filled out all my paperwork and I am so excited to try for this VBAC. It’s surreal that we are close enough to begin the information for his birth certificate. I keep reminding myself that Bug came 13 days late and there’s a chance Bear will pull the same nonsense…but even if he does, we are in double digits!

How are we feeling?

Bear is feeling what I assume to be great. He’s an active little guy who kicks mama every time she stops moving. Doodle got to watch as my stomach danced in church a few weeks back and Bug feels kicks as I nurse him.

Mama feels good overall. I try not to complain because a healthy baby is a happy mama but I would be lying if I didn’t reiterate my body feels pregnancy a lot more this time. I’ve taken to wrapping my hips as they continue to stretch and changing my diet as my belly sees fit. Other than wanting sweet, sour and salty things, I haven’t had many cravings. My weight is still pretty constant and everyone always points out that I am all belly. Which is very true…and I am very thankful for that.

Coming Attractions?

28 weeks

(This morning, exactly 28 weeks along!)
As the birth grows closer, I’ll be sharing with you guys some of my essentials for labor and delivery, as well as what I pack in a newborn, toddler, and older bag on a daily basis. I hope to have something written up for all you other mamas suffering from hip pains about wrapping your hips; it’s honestly been a lifesaver this time around. And once he comes…the birth story!
I also hope to have our “nursery” done soon so I can show you the adorable woodland/hunting theme we put together for Bug and Bear.

Keep checking in for more updates and pregnancy thoughts as Bear and mama grow!


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