The Family Tree!

This month rolled around and I wanted to do a beautiful tree of thankfulness.

family rtree
Each day we are listing something we are thankful for and putting them on our leaves them each day. *Shout out to my beautiful, talented friend Jen who cut out all the leaves for our tree! Check her out here or here*

This wonderful tree ha been an amazing addition to our mornings. We sit down at breakfast and I ask my kids and husband, “What are you thankful for today?”
It’s opened up so many conversations, highlighted the things that really matter to each of them for PapaBear and I and has been a wonderful time for all. Then I decided, why stop in November?

We want to raise kids who are thankful all year round and we want to have kids who always have a line of communication open with us. Why not use our wall each month to use a different prompt daily to reflect on?
I came up with a monthly prompt and I can’t wait to put this into practice.

Our monthly prompts are:

January: Goals we have for the year.
February: Things we love
March: We will pick a person in the family every day and say something positive about them
April: A funny family memory
May: Kind words to describe yourself
June: Things we want to do this summer
July: Check off the things we fill out for wanting to do in June! (July is our busiest month and the kids all gpo away for summer camp, so instead of trying a new one, we’re going to try and get June done!)
August: Things we enjoy about summer time
September: Ways we can change and things we can do to be better family members and people
October: We will pick a person in the family every day and say something positive about them
November: Things we are thankful for
December: Gifts we have from God.


(Our November tree so far!)
As I stated, I highly encourage you to do this! It’s been such a great experience for our family; it has led us to bond in ways I didn’t know we still needed to!

If you put this(or your own ideas) into practice please let me know! E-mail me photos! I will be showing our end results each month on this blog!


3 thoughts on “The Family Tree!

  1. I love the tree and I love the prompts you have for the rest of the year too. Me and my oldest actually cut out leaves for a craft and put people we were thankful for. I will have it finished and up on my blog, if you’d like to stop by on Friday. 🙂

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