Super Bowl Fun-and a recipe!

Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday!!

If you’re anything like my husband, that means you were overjoyed and excited to watch a huge game. Maybe a little disappointed your team didn’t make it this year, but isn’t everyone sad the Patriots aren’t in it this year? (Yes, like proper New Englanders, we are wicked proud of the Pats.)

If you’re like me though, you love this excuse to have people over and celebrate with fellowship, fun, and food; a few of my favorite things. We had The Group over for a Super Bowl get together this year and I was so excited! We have some pretty strict dietary needs in our young adult small group. From no gluten to no meat to other’s who won’t do dairy; finding something that is edible for everyone is a fun experience every meeting. Previously we’ve done “food from our heritage” where my husband made golumpkis, as well as a soup and grilled cheese night, taco night and a spaghetti night!

As the host, however, I love to try and have food everyone can eat. When we decided to do Super Bowl themed foods, I was a little stumped. Then I thought of it-A Nacho Bar!!


A super quick and easy thrown together set up, we created a nacho bar on our table. With the two of us sitting and working together, it only took about 20 minutes to put this bar together. (I told my husband we could call it a “Nacho Team” Bar…he’s a little bit more upset about no Pats than I!)

It was perfect because it was a “do it yourself” kind of meal-we could offer options with gluten and it could easily be avoid—same with meat or cheeses! Before making my gluten free friends, I didn’t realize corn chips didn’t have gluten!

So what was on our bar?

-Corn Chips, 2 kinds, Lime and Plain. (gluten and meat free!)

-Shredded cheese (dairy)

-Shredded lettuce

-Queso Dip (dairy)

-Refried beans (included lard, no vegetarian.)

-Diced Tomatoes

-Guacamole(Recipe will be below-it’s my husband’s delicious recipe!)

-Sour Cream (dairy)

-Two types of salsa

Want to make Josh’s Jalapeno Guacamole?


The nacho bar was a hit! Our gracious guests also brought other snack foods and we had a blast hanging out-while some of us watched the game!

What did everyone else do for the Super Bowl?


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