Our Stocking Hot Cocoa Party(+11 more Christmas activities!)

Family fun during Christmas time is the best part of the holidays in my humble opinion. It can be stressful to figure out times for those awesome Christmas activities, especially as you add more and more kids into the picture, but for us, it’s still an important thing to aim for.

This year I wanted to have a few options in place that we could choose from to partake in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we could pick each as we went along. They each having a varying amount of prep, needed items and cost!


12 Family Fun Christmas Activities:

1. Have a hot cocoa bar

2. Decorate the stockings at a party

3. Visit a Live Nativity (if you’re in the area, First Baptist does a great one!)

4. Drive around with Christmas music playing, looking at the lights!

5. Pick your own Christmas Tree

6. Go outside and play in the snow!

7. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon

8. Cook and decorate Christmas cookies together

9. Have a Christmas music dance party

1o. Go caroling

11. Sponsor a family with gifts for Christmas

12. Do a Christmas craft. Simply Made Fun has this AWESOME list of all levels



My favorite from our list is the hot cocoa bar, stocking decorating party! We did this the first of December and our family had such a great time doing it. I prepped the party by getting a few toppings, the hot chocolate powder, and hand whipping some whipped cream! We bought the stockings from Ocean State Job Lots for 2 dollars each and I had a bunch of fabric markers already that we used on them. Then I let the kids at them!








They each decorated their stockings with their own personality and style. Bug’s only had a few lines on his and Josh made Bears for him…it’s super cute. My husband has a whole bunch of talent. I am forever surprised when he sits down and doodles or draws. Such a stunning man overall.

Do you have any necessary family activities to do during the holiday season?


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