Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup

Fall is my favorite season. I know, basic white girl and jazz, but I love fall. I especially love fall(and winter!) soups. I’m the kind of girl who’s eating soup on 80* days in the summer for comfort-I just love it! As summer winds down, I am so excited to start simmering soups on our stove throughout the day or being thrown into the crock pot first thing in the morning. Since summer is just getting over and it’s still pretty warm in a lot of places, including here(but don’t try to convince me it’s not fall, it is to me!), I decided to start off the sharing soup season with a nice and light Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup.

I love to experiment with new flavors and when my husband came home with the Swanson’s Thai Ginger Broth, I could not wait to try it out. We’ve used it in quite a few recipes now, but the first thing I made was a spicy soup and it didn’t disappoint. This past weekend I made it again with shrimp and it was even better!


-3 small summer squash

-1 large zucchini

-2 4oz cans of sliced mushrooms

-2 8oz containers of Thai Ginger Swanson’s Broth

-1 large bag of shrimp

-1 cup of rice

-3 cloves of garlic

-3 large carrots

-3 stalks of celery

-1 large onion

-salt and pepper to taste


What to do:

Dice the onion and put into a large soup pot.

-Chop garlic and add to pot as well.

-Slice carrots and add to pot

-Finely chop celery and add to pot.

-Add sliced mushrooms to pot

-Add both containers of broth and put on high. Bring pot to a boil and lower temperature to a simmer

-Add in rice and cut up squash and zucchini. Turn the heat up and bring to a boil again.

-Once at a boil, turn setting onto low.

-Peel shrimp if they aren’t already peeled.

-Add shrimp into pot and cook until shrimp is pink.

-Add salt and pepper to taste! For braver

-Serve and enjoy!


The flavors from the broth are amazing! It adds such a depth that I would never had been able to create on my own in a much quicker time.

This soup was a big hit with our Group! It’s made gluten free and can be made vegan if you skip out on the shrimp. The broth itself holds a bit of spice to it, which is why I call it “spicy”, however for those of you out there like myself and my husband, it’s not spicy!

What’s your favorite part of this autumn season? The food? The clothes? The cool?


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