Six For Saturday-Christmas Edition!

Christmas is over and it has been wonderful! A few key parts of our Christmas week, with photos just for your enjoyment of our cute little family. Here’s six on Saturday!


(Bug with his great grandparents-also the man he was named after!)
1. On the 23rd we went to visit Josh’s grandparents with Bug and Doodle. Princess and Monkey were at my mothers for a special movie day. We got to enjoy some pierogies, the classic Polish meal. We celebrated for a few hours before having to head back home. Bug gets his name from his great grandfather(Actually, both his names come from Josh’s grandfathers!) so it’s rather beautiful to see them together.

2. Christmas Eve was wonderful and relaxing. Being the terrible, horrible, no good, very mean parents we are, we made the kids clean up their rooms to make them nice and neat for all the new things they will be getting tomorrow. Then we just sat around, cuddling and enjoying each other. We had a delicious shrimp scampi for dinner…I think this should be a new yearly tradition!


(Candles lighting up our Sanctuary. Our Hope is in the Lord)
3. We went to church on Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful service; Christmas Eve service has always been one of my absolute favorite services of the year. Hearing about hope and how ours is always there, no matter how un-hopeful you’re feeling, was a beautiful message. Then of course, hearing “Oh, Holy Night” sung as the candles lit up the darkened sanctuary? Magical. The congregation all got wooden crosses and my kids have been wearing theirs since. I love seeing how the blessing of being connected to each other and a community our church gives them.


(Our early morning crew. Who let us sleep in…okay, til 7:30 am but still!)

4. Christmas morning was quiet and surrounded by family. The kids opened their gifts from us, we had a delicious breakfast. Then we all hung out, relaxed, played with our new toys. It was so great, and quiet. We appreciate any and all quiet moments with the family. The middle two were really excited about getting Kindle Fires and Doodle built her Minecraft lego sets.


(A new beautiful family photo. You try getting a better one of 7 people.)
5. We headed to my parents for a dinner and Dynamite joined us there! We ate, were merry, filled with comfort and joy. My grandparents, great aunt, uncle, my mom’s side of the family came around and we celebrated with lots of food. The kids got to open the rest of their presents and Doodle got her Fire, which she apparently thought was coming from us and was surprised not to get one Christmas morning. I’m all about Presence over Presents…but I got some pretty awesome presents this year! The Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone illustrated edition, some beautiful scarves, a Kindle Fire, and a wonderful picture collage frame of our family.


(My beautiful siblings!)

6. Christmas night my father’s side of the family came over my moms and we got to snack, laugh, and spend time with people we don’t often see. We also got to give a Facetime call to my cousin who moved about 12 hours away this past year and she got to hear Bug tell her that he “loves you!” I know some people don’t adore technology…but I do. Especially at times like that. We left the house about 8:30, exhausted and sneaking out some of my aunt’s peanut butter balls(that I swear she makes just for me.) and my other aunt’s mac and cheese(also made just for me!). We came home and passed out.
Christmas 2015 has been one for the books. We spent it with Jesus, each other, and delicious food.

Any great memories this year from the holidays for you guys?


4 thoughts on “Six For Saturday-Christmas Edition!

  1. It really is all about the family. There are 12 of us that spent the entire weekend together at my parents eating, drinking, playing games, and building a TON of new Legos for the five kids. Overall it was a success. I didn’t get any peanut butter balls this year 🙁

  2. I think all of your pictures turned out awesome! It’s so hard to get all three of my boys to look at the same time, so I commend you on a great job. Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas!

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