Recap of 2016 Goals!

This year is coming to an end and with that, it’s time to look back and reflect on all the yearly goals I set last January! Here’s how we did with our goals!

1. Gain 1,000 followers on Instagram! I hit and surpassed 1000 followers on Instagram! Currently I’m sitting pretty at about 1,150. If you want to check out my Instagram, please feel free to! I post a lot of cut pictures and encouragement to mamas, wives, and adults in recovery. 

2. Have 500 likes on my Facebook page! Facebook growth has been slow but steady. I’m almost at 400 and if I could hit that for the new year, I would be overjoyed. A lot of the studying I’ve done on blogging has reiterated that growth on this platform can be slow…so I am okay with that! If you want to like my page…it’s right here!

3. Set up blog guest posts for the few weeks I will probably have to take off due to having a child. This was a success!

4. Improve my blog photography. Personally, I think I’ve succeeded. My photos of the kids are so much better and I’ve taken on some flat lay or still photos. 

5. Re-Designing the blog and launching it. DID IT DONE.

Overall, I feel pretty good about the blog changes I did through 2016. I’m at a standstill right now, but I WILL begin writing again, regularly, after the New Year! 

1. Include them in cooking more often.  About once a week they help me make dinner or prep things. Doodle starts or makes things for us too!

2. Implement daily and weekly chores and stick to them. I would say this is a half and half! We haven’t implemented a list or anything, but they have been helping actively around the house, without many whines when given their dail jobs. We’re far too chaotic and things are always changing, so I don’t think a daily list of things they HAVE TO DO will ever work to be honest.

3. Finish the reading nook in the girls room. Nope. Just…nope.

4. Lessen the amount of things they own. I say success…but Christmas is in two days so.

5. Take a photo of the kids every month.  Other than missing March, we’ve succeeded and I LOVE them! If you look at this link, you can see every month. So sweet and amazing to watch them grow. 

Another successful one in my humble opinion. The nook just didn’t happen, but honestly, I did not take into account that I was trying t remodel an area with a toddler and newborn by myself. Hopefully next year I will finish this!

1. Finish a bible study together. We did not manage…unless you count the one we did as a Young Adult Group.

2. 24 Dates in 12 months! We did great until October. Then November and December hit and we struggled. 75%? Is that an option?

3. Pray together before bed every night. I’m ashamed to say I can probably count on both hands the number of times we remembered this. Between him working nights and now Bear not sleeping…we haven’t gone to sleep at the same time in months. But that’s a crappy excuse and we need to work on our prayer life.

4. Make some couple friends we can spend time with, both together and separately. This is one thing we did…and really well! My introverted husband actively chooses to see a few of the men in our church…which to be honest is pretty HUGE. We have two couple friends we’ve grown so close to and I am forever thankful for them.

5. Take part in one of the marriage bible studies our church is putting on! Our church actually never ended up doing one! They have one in February of 2017 we will join though.

Obviously this area of goals is struggling and in authentic rawness…our marriage has felt the last year. It’s something we definitely need to focus on in 2017.

1. Read 52 books in the year. I read about 20…oops.

2. Find, utilize, and rock a personal planner. I love my bullet planner and then a cheap-o from Walmart that works for the full year!

3. Create a garden and tend to it. We did pretty well! We got a handful of beans, a few cucumbers and squash and a LOT of green peppers! Our beans died early and I’m not sure why. Next year we aim to really have beds to put more veggies in!

4. Improve my running time so I am back to 10 minutes or less for a mile. I am so embarassed and honestly ashamed of how much weight I have gained since having Bear. I began a fitness tumblr, just to try and work towards healthier. 

5. Fully embrace my word of the year: CONTENT.  I am so proud of how we embraced content. Even in our harder times, we were happy with what and who we have in our lives. Next year I will be picking a full out word of the year and actively pursuing that as a yearly goal!

All in all, I was pretty okay with this! I set a really high standard for myself with books and I honestly just failed with my personal health. 

1. Take Back SundayI am SO PROUD of my family and our choice t keep Sunday a Sabbath day. This is something I wholeheartedly plan to take into 2017.

2. Double the size of The Group. We’ve added a few members and we hav even more coming in the new year! I wouldn’t say double, but we totally have grown.

3. Create a refuge in our home.  One of the best compliments this year is that my home feels like their home. I think we’ve reated a space where others know how loved and cherished they are.

4. List a blessing a day! November we did awesome!  I didn’t have a clear way I wanted to proceed with this and I think that really hindered me. But following along with being content, I think we did okay recognizing our blessings on the daily.

5. Make time for Jesus. I have not succeeded in this. 


Overall, I think we had a year haha! It’s been a time of growth and change for us and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Most of this year I have been happy, content, and now as it comes to a close, I am so excited to see what 2017 has to offer! Check back to see my goals for 2017 on Monday!

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