Pregnancy; In Sickness and Health

I don’t know if most of you readers follow me on our Facebook page, know me in person, or follow Instagram, but you may have noticed the past weekend, I didn’t get much done on here. I had a scheduled post that came out on Friday but from Thursday until Saturday, I may have half asleep or in the middle of the night, shared posts that had already come out.

In the spirit of authenticity, Thursday into Friday and some of Saturday were really sucktastic days.

I had the worst few days in the history of both my pregnancies. I was sick and miserable. And to make matters better, I ignored all the warning signs leading up to it and pushed myself to the brink.

Alas, pregnancy and sickness hit.

Now, three days later, I’m feeling better! Thank goodness. I figured I could share with other mamas to be out there some of my self care when ill ideas. Pregnancy always adds an extra layer to being sick, which usually includes not being able to take medications I would usually take. Being a mom adds another layer too, because we don’t have much us time for that self care. Some of my tried and true pregnancy remedies are:

  1. 12733442_1046299762115630_5307321525930824144_nA nice warm soak in some wonderful bath mixture. I’m a big fan of Aura Cacia bath aroma therapy baths. If you’re like me, you are itchy at the end of pregnancy with the hormones and stretch marks. I love my stripes after the baby comes, but that last month pregnant with them? That is the absolute worse. I like to use their milk and oat mixture or the relaxing lavender one! They’re both really great and the milk and oats always helps calm my itchiness! A more natural and creative friend told me it also works to take old fashioned oats and powdered milk, put them in a food processor and use those! I have not tried that yet, but she told me it’s great and can be cheaper; something moms tend to be looking for!
  2. Drink lots of liquids-no matter how unappetizing they sound. I’m a girl who drinks a lot of water and homemade lemonade/teas. I have soda now and then(I actually crave it terribly while pregnant!) and I like a good hard drink(when not pregnant!). During this sick weekend, though, I knew I was getting dehydrated and water was not cutting it. I broke out the electrolyte sports drinks that I’m not the biggest fan of, and downed a few of those. Well, gently sipped. Gulps make me more sick, so nice slow sips help.
  3. Sleep. I know, trust me, that at 36 weeks pregnant, it’s hard to sleep. Your hips hurt, your ribs hurt, that babe is kicking away. But sle11144422_10153627913927704_1094378454603338889_nep is still so important and heals your body. I do recommend sleeping in a recliner if possible; that has always helped me! I also know it’s not always possible, since I had to nap with 4 other kids running around! But sleep is such an important part of your health! You are still growing an extra person as well.
  4. Ask for help. If you have other kids, don’t be afraid to ask someone to help you out. My husband was here this weekend, so I relied on him, but I’m sure if I had called up some of the moms from my church or our family, they would have stopped in to let me take a nap. Other moms know. They get how hard the last month can be. If they don’t, don’t call them, you don’t need one of those “pregnancy was the best time of my life” voices coming out when you’re throwing up the seventh time that day and can barely stand. (I’m kidding!…sort of.) Build your village as a new mom and then use it! And next time you’re the healthy one and they’re sick, you can help them too.

I know you’ll feel pretty terrible some times while pregnant and there’s an idea out there you shouldn’t complain because you’re blessed to be pregnant. The truth is, yeah, we are so lucky to have these babies on their way. But pregnancy also can be a hard, long process that hurts and is miserable. Let people know if you need help or a break! Your entire body has been taken over by an organ that has grown almost ten times it’s size. Your other organs are being squished. It’s okay to admit sometimes it is really horrible, terrible, no good and very bad. I support that. Most women who have been pregnant will support that.

As always though, if anything comes up and you are worried, please call your care provider. While I personally was not too freaked out by this sickness, vomiting and headaches can be a sign of pre-eclampsia; it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry.

Other mamas to be and moms out there, what are your secret hints for getting through the last few weeks?


10 thoughts on “Pregnancy; In Sickness and Health

  1. I honestly don’t remeber how I got through the last few weeks. I do remeber though that I coudn’t sleep much as you said, baby kicks, ribs hurt, nothing feels normal haha. I also had a LOT of energy and I read that is normal and it means that baby will be coming soon – so keep an eye out if you have a lot of energy, baby might be here before you know it 🙂
    Good luck with delivery and all!!! xo,Noemi

  2. The last few weeks are the worst! What awful timing to get sick. I wish I had known about the aromatherapy baths when I was pregnant. Hopefully now you’re feeling much better!

  3. Ugh. I was so sick at the beginning of both of my pregnancies. I could not have made it through without some help. I also had to drink Gatorade, but mixed it with water because I couldn’t stand how sweet it was. Actually, nothing tasted good those first 4 months. I’m glad to hear you are feeling better. The bath sounds really wonderful, and sleep is always a great remedy.

  4. Ahhh Lauren that’s so hard! I’m so sorry you were under the weather. I was pretty nauseous but never really threw up (aside from a handful of times), which I’m grateful for. I hope you’ve been able to get some rest and are feeling a little bit better! Just a few more weeks now, mama!

  5. Ugh, I remember how much it stunk to be sick and pregnant! I totally agree with the rest and hydration – sometimes I think that heals better than anything else. Glad you’re starting to feel better now!

  6. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well! Being sick while you’re pregnant is the absolute worst!!! I’m glad you’re feeling better but I hope you feel 100% soon! <3

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