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Happy Holidays all my people! I know, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do! Earlier this week I shared gifts you can buy this holiday season that give back to others. Today I want to share with you some gifts you can buy at a one stop shop…ALL made by local humans! Locally made is so good, y’all!

One of my favorite local stores is Eagle Street Artisans! Eagle Street Artisans is a new store, located at 27 Eagle Street, North Adams-aka right down the road from me! Seriously, I love to walk down to the main and Eagle street stores and this has been a wonderful addition.

Jen Beverly, the super talented owner of Eagle Street Artisans, is the face I see whenever I go into the store. When I asked her why she chose to open up in this area, she informed me she had always lived here and that particular building was an opportunity offered after where she was working before closed.

“I knew there wasn’t going to be any jobs, so I figured it was time to try this!”


And man, am I glad she did. From handmade bibs to hand painted wine glasses, with hippie juices and coffee cups-everything in this quaint little shop could find a place in your home. And that’s how Jen wanted it to be! A beautiful mix of all the things you could possibly use, need, and want! I inquired how she chose who to have involved in her shop and she told me that in the beginning, she had put out feelers to others she knew who crafted. As word spread, people began to approach her about it and she had to turn a few away, to keep the variety.


“You’d be amazed how many crocheters and knitters we have in this town,” she laughed, as she hung up another beautiful snowman from Holiday Lane Creations. “I just couldn’t fill the store up with a bunch of hats.”

Another way she began choosing who to add to the Eagle Street Family was by going to craft fairs and simply browsing the booths. She spent time at each one, seeing how the product makers interacted with her when she was a customer. As a business owner, she wanted to treat her customers with respect and Jen wanted to be sure the crafters also had that attitude.


Jen also told to me that she is choosy with the things she accepts, as she hopes to not take away from the other local businesses nearby. Siting Persnickety and Bark N’ Cat as examples, she explained that her hope is to help build up other local businesses. Because of that hope, she tries to keep the items in her store from overlapping the nearby locally owned stores too much. I was quick to tell her how absolutely awesome I think that attitude is. Local businesses supporting local businesses! I’m here for that.

As I sat in a kids chair, placed uniquely in the middle of the room with coloring books and crayons and glance around at the “Please touch EVERYTHING” signs, I can’t help but feel so blessed this local talent is all found in one place. It’s a one stop shop for all your Christmas needs!




For your parents? Grab any of the gorgeous linens and such! From seasonal, to floral, to downright gorgeous!



For your sassy friends? A mug, wine glass, or cup…or an adorable little sign proclaiming something you probably can’t say in church!




New babies in the family? I cannot RAVE enough about Sew Unique and the bibs she makes-I actually have one from long ago before she even began selling them here!



Kids in your life? Oh my gosh, some of the crocheted toys are to die for! There’s some pretty cute clothes for kids as well, I found a pair of baby pants I would eat right up(but my kids are monsters and don’t fit in those sizes anymore!)


The men in your life, if they’re anything like the men in mine, totally could love the beer cozies, handmade pottery for coffee and ice cream, or one of the pallet board wall decorations…we adore our “How To Tell What Time It Is” wall hanger.




The women in your life may love the jewelry-I also have been in love with Megan G Gorton Designs longer than she’s been found in Eagle Street Artisans and you can see her earrings often on my Instagram.




For the conscious friends of mine, the soaps and lotions look(and smell) amazing. I’ve also adored Treetop Natural Health Products this summer-the fiery cider is amazing.



Worst comes to worst and you just can’t choose what to grab for someone? Buy a card made by Summer Mondays and throw in a gift certificate. Trust me when I tell you-anyone could find something in this store!


Do you have a favorite locally owned store?! Tell me where I should shop come Small Business Saturday!!


Websites for stores I know are located at Eagle Street Artisans:

Summer Mondays

AP Home Decor

Bees n’ Blossoms Lotion Bars

She’s a Crafty Lil Thing

Home Sweet Home Signs

Megan G Gorton Designs 

Fit To Be Dyed

Waka Country Home Primitives

Emily Morris Designs

Tim Duncan Pottery

Treetop Naturals

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  1. Dan Romano says:

    Super Nice website! You need to start selling things online though, there are a lot of “old school” freaks like me that will buy a lot from you!

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