When Your Baby Won’t Sleep

Hey y’all, let’s talk about sleep, okay? Aka that thing I’m NOT getting. Ever. At all. What’s sleep again?

I know I sound like a broken record on my Facebook and Instagram complaining about how little Bear sleeps, but I swear-it’s simply the truth. He does not sleep. We’ve talked to his doctor about it and she told us he just is one of those kids who doesn’t need a lot of sleep. We don’t believe in sleep training or cry it out; and honestly when he just doesn’t NEED it I don’t know how much it’ll help out. So we’re kind of stuck-late nights, early mornings, and naps.

In our living room I sit, most nights until about midnight, awake with a little man. The rest of the house is quiet as they drift into dreamland.
After the third month or so of these nights, I started to feel a little weird about just sitting and watching bad television or bingeing on shows all night. Sure, it could be a great time to work on my blog or catch up on my favorite television shows. But I wanted to do things during those late hours that actually helped my intelligence(which has lacked since becoming a full time SAHM), my health, or our family. And I can’t lie-I’m past the editing mindset after ten pm.

Don’t get me wrong-I totally still turn on a show to binge on the nights I’m exhausted. But thats not all I do anymore! I wanted to share with you guys ten productive and not too loud things to do at night while you just aren’t sleeping, other than Netflix and chill!

Read books. I’ve been purposefully reading more books this year and this is a great time to read. I don’t turn the light off, since Bear is playing, so I sit on the couch and read as he roams. I just finished “Moving Mountains” by John Eldredge, which I highly recommend. Currently I’m reading “The Night The Angels Came” by Cathy Glass. If you’re a foster family, check her series out!
Watch/Listen to Bible Studies. My church has RightNow media now and it’s been such a blessing! I preview bible studies and do my own while doing dishes, folding laundry, and now, late at night while we aren’t sleeping! Even if your church doesn’t have this, there are a lot of free ones online.
Write a Letter. Or a long email. I have a love for letter writing guys. It’s such a lost art. Even if you find you can’t write out a physical letter, write one and email it. Or write letters to someone you see regularly who may need encouragement, love, or support. Or to your future children…write it! 

Get in The Word
. Sitting with your bible, praying, could be such a blessing to you in those late hours of the night. I’ve begun trying to make sure I open mine for at least five to ten minutes at night, looking for reassurances of peace and strength-two things I desperately need in these late night, lonely moments. Even if you’re stuck under a moody baby, apps with the Bible are super amazing and I love them!
Take a Class Online. While this one might be harder to figure out logistically, Joshua has been pushing me to go back to school and I would love to use this time to
Clean. I personally fold a lot of laundry at night. It’s something I can pull into the living room and do while the baby plays. I’ve also been known to do some dishes and scrub down the bathroom.
Exercise! I have been getting in better shape lately and have even talked on the blog about how I exercise and why I exercise as a mom of six. I also love to do a lot of stretching late at night.
Practice your photography skills. This one may seem weird to those of us who aren’t bloggers, but this is actually one of my favorite things to do. I want to get better at photography, which I already had been doing in 2016, and this is a great time to practice manual with no natural light!

Pick up a craft. I love this idea. Personally, I wish I could get better at art, but since I’m struggling(and failing) to ever draw anything, I have gotten myself some new knitting needles and crochet hooks. Here’s to learning a new craft? If you do choose knitting or crocheting, there’s been all kinds of cool ideas of making scarves, hats, and mittens and leaving them for those less fortunate. I also know the birthing center where I gave birth takes the donation of hats and sweaters to give out to the new babies. Swooning!
Meal prep. Meal prep is a great way to waste an hour or so and it’s awesome because it takes away from something you would otherwise have to do during the day! Bear loves to hang out in the kitchen with me and this really helps me to stay healthier.

I know when babies won’t sleep life can get really hard. As a mom, I’ve never expereinced anything quite like Bear’s sleep schedule. It’s been a difficult time, becoming used to being awake so many hours in a row while still being a decent mother. A thing that helped me was to stop often and pray: “Lord, give me the strength to love my child kindly, hold him tightly, and take care of him through these hard and trying times.”  I love this little prayer because it is quick and easy to remember. It always brings me peace and comfort, even with how tired I may be. And peace is what we are striving for this year, after all. 

What do you do those late nights your children aren’t sleeping?

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