My hope is in You, Lord.

This Christian mama right here sometimes has pretty rough days, like any other mama. I’ve been blessed with a wondrous life, but I was also blessed with PTSD, anxiety, and a whole lot of worry whenever things are not going 100% the way I planned-and as you can guess, with five kids, nothing EVER goes 100% as I plan.

I have a few bible verses I use on the daily to help keep my cool, keep me living the way Jesus intended, and sometimes? Just keep me from breaking down.


Ephesians 4:2 is one of my favorite reminders of how we are called to treat one another-and the way I treat others is how my children will someday as well. This one also helps when it’s 5am, three kids are up and running around, I haven’t slept yet and my husband is grating on my nerves. “Be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Even when you don’t really like what they’re doing. Or the sleep you’re missing out on.


*shout out to my husband, who took this photo!*

I am weary. I am weak. I need refuge and rest for my soul. And there’s only one thing that can truly give me that and remove the burdens I feel in this life-Jesus Christ. I need a reminder every so often though.

FwcodB1431645483Again, the same refuge and strength. Some days, I need more of this than others. God is my ever present rock in this tossing and turning sea; I often forget He’s there for me. I allow my doubts and fears to overpower the knowledge I have of His mercy and grace.

F1FtD11431646611And then, at some point in the day, the anxiety hits. I have anxiety pretty much constantly, it’s a rare moment I’m not anxious about anything. Some days it’s the normal amount for a parent, the things every one else is worried about-my kids doing well in school, what we’re having for lunch, etc. A few days a year though, it all kicks in full speed and I enter flight or fight or freeze mode. Thankfully, it’s all very manageable with my handy dandy bible verses-and Psalm 56:3 is one I call on quite often.


Psalm 103:12 is one of my favorite verses ever. It’s such an amazing thing to remember, that my sins have been removed and banished from my being, forgotten and forgiven by a merciful and loving God. I have my own list of transgressions, and one I sadly add to daily, even when I am fighting my hardest to live like Jesus. Those are all washed away as each morning breaks. And by dinner time, I need that reminder.


And finally, my life verse. His grace is sufficient-no matter how many times I curse in the day or I forget to change the laundry. It’s sufficient those days I’m not such a great wife and even more so those days I am an absolutely horrid one-they happen. It’s a wonderful reminder that His power is made perfect in weakness, because I am weak. I prove that daily. But He is strong and He covers the multitude of my weakness with ease.

Other Christians, what are your favorite verses to get you through a day?

*All the photos, except the one that states it was taken by Joshua, were taken by me. Please feel free to use them, but link them back to my page…share the love!*


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  1. I’m not a Christian but I’ve always liked bible verses. There are so many that are uplifting to people in all walks of life 🙂 Also beautiful photos! The flower especially!

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