My Adoption Tattoo!

One of my favorite things to see are the tattoos others have and the meaning they have to them. Tattoos are a permanent form of art that’s displayed on your body-whether you simply like something enough to get it or there’s a deep personal representation in your ink-it matters to you. 
I personally have three tattoos. The first two are pretty self explanatory. On my foot I have a bird I got when I was nineteen. I love birds and I just wanted a tattoo so badly I went with the first thing I set my heart on. The second tattoo I got is the NEDA recovery symbol in honor of my eating disorder recovery(you can read more about that here!) 
My third and most recent tattoo however, is why I’m writing this post today. See amongst all the meaningful tattoos I love, one of my absolute favorite tattoo categories to browse are tattoos in honor of adoption and/or foster care. Every persons walk in this system is different and seeing how they choose to immortalized that on their skin is an honor. 

My third tattoo reads “as good as” and it’s my adoption, foster care, and Harry Potter tattoo all wrapped into one. 
Why “as good as”? 
If you’re not familiar with Harry Potter(first of all, how dare you?!), this sentence is uttered in the fifth book. Sirius Black is trying to tell Harry information about the war going on and Molly Weasley hisses at him to stop. She not so gently reminds Sirius that Harry is not his father and Sirius angrily responds with “He’s not your son Molly.”
Molly, my favorite character of the entire series shouts back “He’s as good as.”
Molly is the best figure in the entire book series, in my humble opinion. She’s the best mother there is-if you don’t recall, Harry’s mother died on the night Voldemorts attack and Harry’s aunt Petunia was far from motherly. Molly was the only mother Harry had. 
And a good mother she was. When I think of the three moms I want to be most like, to my mind comes my mother, my Mema, and Molly Weasley. The Weasley family was poor-it’s mentioned often throughout the books. They had very little to Harry’s very lot and yet there Molly was. Giving her all to her children and to kids she didn’t birth. She never asked anything of Harry except that he stayed safe and kept her children safe as well. Molly loved him so dearly that as she sat there with a boggart facing her greatest fears, his dead body came as naturally as her children’s. 
I hope I perpetuate the love Molly gave. Blood did not matter to her. Fame did not matter to her. Harry was loved, not because he shared her family tree and not because he had a scar on his head but because he was there and needed that love. May I always give my love that freely. 
My prayer as a woman is to always live by those words with the people in this life. 

My best friend Heidi also got this tattoo, same day as I did, and while she is not my biological sister, she’s as good as. 
This tattoo was also gotten with a little bit of attitude behind it. Not many people in my life are ignorant enough to doubt my unwavering love to our children, be they from my womb or from my heart. However, like most cases, there have been comments made about my adopted and foster children not being my “real” children and the fact I don’t “actually” have six children. To that-to anyone who questions my commitment-I very vehemently tell them that my children are all as good as mine. 
The quote is written in my husbands writing, because he’s the Arthur to my Molly. 
May there never be any doubt in my children’s, family, or friends minds. May society never question it. This family is as good as any other one out there!

Share with me your adoption tattoos! I love them so much. 
Be blessed, Lauren Jane

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      It’s funny, because when I was younger I really missed it. It wasn’t until I was rereading it as an adult it stuck with me<3 Thank you!

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