A Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon


Last Tuesday, I faced the scary unknown and packed up my four youngest kids to see Pete’s Dragon. Yes, that’s right, I brought my 8(almost okay), 6, 2, and 5 month old to the movie theater to see Pete’s Dragon. The PG rating didn’t scare me quite as much as the thought of bringing them all into the movie theater alone, so I wrangled in a Mema and off we went.

Now, why I insisted on seeing Pete’s Dragon in theater instead of waiting the extra months until it came out is pretty simple…I freaking loved the original Pete’s Dragon. It was dark with lots of music and a cast littered with actors who make you go “oh, wait..I think I know who that is?!” I have no idea why, I grew up in the 90s, but I loved those old classics-Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Mary Poppins…and of course Pete’s Dragon! I promised myself I would go in with an open mind because I had heard from a few sources this was less a remake and more a new movie.

Movie Review-

So, how did I like it?

Personally, I loved it. I cried in theater-which is actually really weird for me. The cast was phenomenal, Oakes Fegley (Pete) made my poor little heart break a hundred times over and Robert Redford(Meacham) does not disappoint either. The movie takes place in the northwest USA and oh my, oh my, the scenery and videography was absolutely amazing. The story line was beautiful as well, very loosely following the original plot of an orphan finding a dragon then finding a human family. It lacks the singing, which broke my heart a bit, but has a soundtrack I wanted to come home and download right there. It held the 8 and 6 year olds attention well, while my two year old had to be escorted out about an hour in-it got a little slow for him. Wonderings about how scary the dragon is have been mentioned to me, but none of my children showed any fear towards the dragon. There’s a few intense scenes, but it’s pretty obvious that Elliot isn’t being “bad” but trying to protect Pete.

There are a lot of lessons you can take from this movie, one of my favorite being the main “bad guy” not being a “bad guy” but instead making bad choices. That’s something we really focus on in our home-people are not necessarily bad they just do bad things sometimes. And the “bad guy” redeems himself. There’s also the wonderful lesson that blood doesn’t make a family, love does. From Pete and Elliot to the main adult characters being engaged to be married and there being a step daughter involved, ending with the final scene of the “new family” encouraging blended families is something I adore.

Was there any bad?

I had a few minor issues with the movie, namely I missed the music. I had serious hope they would incorporate at least one of the songs in with a more modern twist(Candle on the Water in an Indie sound? AMAZING).


It really differed from the original and even though I went in with an open mind, it still was a little sad it was ions different. It was also a good part though, as the original has what you may remember as a pretty mean adoptive family for Pete who are kind of traumatizing.

I would highly recommend this movie to any family looking into a movie to see together! Why take it from me though, when I can tell you what the kids thought of it?

Princess(8):The first part was very sad(when the parents died). I liked it a lot. Pete got a dragon. Elliot was nice and mean. I wasn’t scared at all during it. (big talk now, she was holding Mema’s hand for part of it…)

Monkey(6): I like it because I think the men tried to shoot the dragon and Elliot got away. It was just a little scary. I laughed a lot.

The mouth of babes; two babes who usually won’t stop talking but noticed I was writing this down!

Have you seen the classic or the newest? Or both?! What do you think of them?



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