Mini Update/Reader Survey

Hey y’all!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed the blog has been a wee bit quiet this past week or so. There’s a few reasons for that. First, I broke my cell phone. Oh my gosh, broke isn’t even the correct terminology for what I did to my poor iPhone..I completely shattered it. The screen couldn’t even be touched without leaving little cuts on my fingers. My phone is actually my number one place to write, as I wait for things. Losing that made it pretty hard on me to get enough time to write.


It’s also been a bit quiet because I’ve been in the process of really nailing down my “brand.” Those not in the blogging world, branding is sort of what you and your blog make others feel. If you see something that comes from Bellows in the Berkshires, you should know right away that it’s from us! It’s been an area I struggle with a lot because I write a lifestyle blog. I can’t even really call it a mom blog, because I often write about mental health and faith based topics. I’ve come to some final colors and fonts and I’m doing a soft introduction of the new look on the site. I also have been considering some new content and come up with a solid bunch of ideas while having a little bit of a break.

But what I need from you is a few answers! If you could be so sweet as to take the quick survey below and let me know what you, the readers, want to see from Bellows in the Berkshires, it would be SO appreciated!




Thank you so much!


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