Mid Year, Yearly Goals Update

I made a list of 25 goals for the year I turn 25 and shared them with the blog at New Years. This was a list things I wanted to do this year, some were on the more vague side and others specific goals. Since it’s 2/3rds through the year, I thought a little update on how we are doing with these goals! My previous update was right here.

blogging goals

1. Gain 1,000 followers on Instagram! I’ve been hovering around 990 for a few weeks now! I am SO excited to be that close. I’m thinking about upping my goal for the year to 1200…what do you think?! (You can follow my Instagram here!)

2. Have 500 likes on my Facebook page! Facebook is definitely growing slower than Instagram, but that’s okay. I still have a few months to finish this

3. Set up blog guest posts for the few weeks I will probably have to take off due to having a child. Successfully did this…and considering running another guest post thing!

4. Improve my blog photography. I think I will forever be working on this, but I honestly have seen an improvement in the past few months.

5. Re-Designing the blog and launching it. I redesigned it and I love it.

kid goals

1. Include them in cooking more often. I actually sat and watched my 13 year old make cookies today with Monkey and Princess. It was priceless. We’ve been cooking a lot together, and not shockingly, their favorite thing is to cut up the veggies…

2. Implement daily and weekly chores and stick to them. I haven’t gotten a chance to convince Joshua to share the way he has the rewards system set up with the Kindles and Doodle’s phone, but we still have them helping daily with specific tasks and then one day a week we have a family clean up day! It’s been helpful

3. Finish the reading nook in the girls room. I haven’t gotten to this yet…and I’m not even sure that’s still what I want to do with it!

4. Lessen the amount of things they own. My kids have become minimalists. I need to declutter the downstairs to match theirs

5. Take a photo of the kids every month. Other than March, I’ve gotten every month!

relationship goals

1. Finish a bible study together. We have read one apart and talked it over…but not one together yet!

2. 24 Dates in 12 months! Oh man, we’ve been doing okay at this. We had two this month, I believe.

3. Pray together before bed every night. Nope. Not doing well at this.

4. Make some couple friends we can spend time with, both together and separately. I’ve developed some strong relationships with other wives and moms in our church and I am so grateful for them. Josh has talked to the husbands…so that counts right? Honestly, I didn’t think this through, because Josh never has been and never will be the guy who calls up the boys for a football game…it’s just not him. But me with ladies and us together with other couples? That’s TOTALLY happened.

5. Take part in one of the marriage bible studies our church is putting on! I actually just made a note to approach my pastor to maybe help facilitate one of our own! As in a small group in our home 🙂

personal goals

1. Read 52 books in the year. Man, I’ve been terrible about reading. I may be at 10 for the year, if that, Here’s to reinvesting myself.

2. Find, utilize, and rock a personal planner. DONE .

3. Create a garden and tend to it. I’ve done this. We haven’t gotten a huge amount but we totally have some stuff…and a lot more peppers and cucumbers coming in

4. Improve my running time so I am back to 10 minutes or less for a mile. I’ve been walking a lot but the heat has been oppressive y’all. At least to me. Walking and hiking have happened, which I figure is helping me get ready to run

5. Fully embrace my word of the year: CONTENT. I feel like I’ve done okay so far, except when I haven’t. I’m working on a post about that.

christ following goals

1. Take Back Sunday. Church filled Sundays are all we have lately. And we love it. We even chose to abstain from putting Princess into cheer because games are Sundays.

2. Double the size of The Group. At our most recent fellowship group, we had a larger group of people which was totally a blessing! I was so excited for it.

3. Create a refuge in our home. I’ve asked and others think it’s true…so I’m pretty grateful for that!

4. List a blessing a day! To be honest, at this point, I should probably just take this off my list.

5. Make time for Jesus. I’ve been doing a little better in the mornings the past….week. I’m trying.


This year has definitely been changing my perspective on certain things and making me grow…but it’s also been just a flat out good year(except the majority of July…but that’s okay!).

How are you doing with your yearly goals?


2 thoughts on “Mid Year, Yearly Goals Update

  1. I think it sounds like you’re making great progress in all areas of your goals. I love how you broke them up. Hope you keep achieving what you want to get done.

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