Memorial Day Weekend

Hey folks! I hope you all had a blessed Memorial Day and took a few moments to be thankful for those who gave it all so we can have these days.

This weekend was fun filled for us, to say the least. We had huge plans that kept us busy…but the bet kind of busy. The lazy kind of busy.

IMG_9860 (2)

On Friday, we had our first trip to Savoy State Forest and went swimming at North Pond. The heat has been pretty killer up here and I folded at about 4pm Friday afternoon, packed all the kids up, and headed out. After a quick stop at the Dollar Store(Mom Pro Tip: Dollar Store sand toys are GREAT in a pinch and are actually pretty durable), we headed out.

A few hours in the water seemed to really refresh the kids!

IMG_9867 (2)IMG_9877

Saturday, we spent most the day at Josh’s grandparents! It’s about an hour drive to their home from ours, so we don’t get down nearly as much as we would like, but we try! This was their first time meeting Bear since the influenza epidemic stopped us from our last trip! They, of course, adored the youngest addition and the older kids enjoyed their ice cream and keilbasa.

IMG_9927 (2)

IMG_9918 (2)

Saturday night was spent preparing to join my family and Doodle(who went up with my parents Saturday morning) at our camp on Lake Champlain. We went to church Sunday morning and as soon as we had lunch, I headed up on the two hour drive with the four youngest kids! (Mom Tip: Drive at nap time! Both Bug and Bear slept through 90% of this trip and were both in decent moods when we got there!)

IMG_9984 (2)

IMG_9944 (2)

(My poor husband was working, so we had to make this trek without him!)

Sunday and Monday were lazy days, with a boat ride, playing with toys Mama played with when she was little, and ate some ice cream!

I stopped going to camp when I was young, because fishing and such weren’t really my deal. When my grandparents passed away, it made going back up there even harder; every time I made that trip, all I could think about was how it used to be when they were both with us. When we had kids though, I decided that had to change. I wanted my children to grow up on the shores, with a fishing pole in hand, exploring Mount Independence the same way I had. It’s still weird to be up there without them, but the memories bring a smile to my face and peace in my heart-it’s definitely a place we celebrate family through the generations.

Our Memorial Day was ended by a baseball game and of course…more ice cream! The Bellows don’t go if we aren’t offered some kind of frozen treat!


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