Medicated and Mighty!


About a week ago I saw this article, about being Medicated and Mighty. I immediately fell in love with the fact these hash tags had hit social media-as a woman who has spent a good deal of her teen/young adult years medicated it’s refreshing to see this choice put in a positive light. It was especially awesome to see as I was on my way to be remedicated for the second pregnancy.

I am totally a huge fan of natural remedies; I’ve tried everything else, believe me. I did herbal tea, I have a handful of vitamins I take everyday. I have essential oils hanging out around my house from the times I’ve tried those dabbed on my skin or in the bath. And sometimes, the natural stuff works. Between birthing my 18 month old and this past week, I’ve been off all medications except Ativan as needed with panic attacks. Before my previous pregnancy I was off medicine for about two years.

I don’t mind talking about my mental health issues, but every time I talk about them in pregnancy…I get the look. The “Pregnancy is supposed to be the best time of your life” look. The “There are people who would kill to be in your shoes and you’ve got the nerve to be depressed??” look.

Please don’t confuse my depression and anxiety for unhappiness that I am pregnant. Nor me as ungrateful. I am so very happy we are pregnant; I prayed and prayed for this child. And I’ve seen the pain of those who are infertile and those who have lost babies. I try very hard to be thankful and happy. I am filled with joy to be having another baby.
Sadly though, I can’t stop the hormones and I cannot completely control my mental illnesses, and I have experienced depression and anxiety heightened in both my pregnancies to the point of relying again on medication.
And I am not ashamed. I am medicated, I am mighty and I am a mother. I’m proud that each time I’ve chosen to ease my husbands load(because me panicking is a lot to handle) and take care of myself.

Medications are not the enemy. They are a wonderful gift to some of us. Sure, there are plenty of people out there who can deal with their PTSD, depression and anxiety without any medicine-there are some who choose that for themselves. I personally do not.

I am pregnant, I am medicated, I am a mother and I am mighty. It’s time to end the stigma of psychiatric medications. And I am proud to claim them as part of what makes my functioning as a mother and wife possible.


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