March Update!

Hey y’all!! Can you believe March is already ending? I can’t. I’m not sure how ready we are for April, but here it comes. April showers bring May flowers…and I am so excited for the March weather!

So what has happened in the month of March?

Well most importantly, we have added a baby! Bear Charles came into our lives via c-section on March 26th. There will be more on his birth story at a later time, but for now, he’s here! He’s loud and he’s sweet…and I love him a whole lot. His birth story should be up soon…I have already begun to write it!  The entire house seems to be enamored by our youngest and newest addition. 


My best friend came to visit from Alabama and she was here for a week! It was amazing to see her…and she captured some beautiful photos of Bear before she had to run back home. It was a real treat to see her; we miss her so much while she’s gone.


We celebrated three years of being parents and I shared a little bit of wisdom on the blog about being a parent for three years and the three most important lessons I’ve learned.

I was invited to guest post on Currently, Kelsie in her “A Moment With” series!! I loved writing about life after trauma; this was such a therapeutic post for me to make and I have loved others who have come forward and thanked me and connected with me about trauma and surviving life after. I highly recommend checking out her entire blog(especially this series!) because it’s one of my favorites.

There have been a few other articles this month, ones I love include: Bugs second birthday post-I talked about his birth story!, a post on kid led learning, why I let my child dye her hair whatever color she wants, how I’m avoiding post partum depression this time, and a super honest look into adoption life.


We got a date night out with two other couples in the church and it was amazing! We went to a new restaurant in town, Korean Garden, and I highly recommend it to anyone nearby! It was a blast; I love creating friendships with other couples who are pretty like minded…and as loud as me!

It’s been a great month. I’ve blogged and networked less than I hoped to, but I’m allowing myself that, and I am ready to throw myself back into this blogging life!

What’s coming up?!

In the month of April, we will hopefully be building and beginning our garden. I am so happy to have one this summer and get some delicious fresh vegetables.

My hair color is changing! I’m really excited for this. I had put it off for awhile, but now…I’m ready!

I’m taking a step back and trying to decide exactly what I hope for this blog to show, share, and promote. I love writing and have no interest in not writing, but I want a more cohesive idea of what people will be getting when they come to this blog! So what do you enjoy the most? Family updates? Foster care/adoption talk? Halfway homeschooling? Jesus talk? Recipes and reviews? Mental health ramblings? Or are you enjoying the little  bit of everything it is now? Tell me! I truly want to know.

This first fourth of the year has been amazing! I can’t wait to see what else 2016 has to offer.

What has your March looked like?


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  1. What do I enjoy the most about your blog: your honesty, Jesus talk, your willingness to share the realness of your family. Keep it all coming, please!

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