March Recap&April Goals

March is over! I can’t lie, I almost don’t want to do this. My March goals have no been met. At all.

I can’t lie, I’m totally feeling the sting of failure this month. I wish I had done better. But it’s been a lesson to me and I’m ready to do better in April!

So, our very failed March Recap:

Complete a spiritual fast. I didn’t do this…at all. Ugh.

Walk/Run/Hike 40 miles. I haven’t done this. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the snow killed me. I thought it was supposed to stop snowing and turn into spring? Oh right-I’m in Western MA. Spring doesn’t exist this year HA! As I write this, it is snowing outside…

12 blog posts in March! I did succeed this in! I was very proud that I managed to write twelve posts this past month. It as hard and I don’t think I’ll be aiming for that again anytime soon because I’m slowly learning I have to put a lot more time and effort into the Exploring Neurodiversity and Mental Health. I LOVE that about them…but they sure do take up more time.

Stay on track with our GIFT challenge for the kids. I think this is the one that hurts most to admit I haven’t kept on top of. I loved my ideas so much, but introducing them every night for the next day then doing them has been…well a challenge. I wish I had a better way to do it but at least we do some of them; Princess has such a heart for the Lord and takes the initiative to remind us most days! That’s been wonderful to see.

Get Three Dates. We had one date night again. It’s been hard to make this a priority and to be frank, it’s exhausting when it feels like I’m the one pushing it all the time. Husbands, pursue your wives okay?

March was disappointing to say the least. It wasn’t a bad month, but I feel as though it was a lacking in progress month. Then again-it wasn’t. We did get Monkey set with therapy, we had a lot of fun with various things, and before the second huge snowstorm came we had a few family walks.

But I am SO ready for April. What are our April goals?

Complete a Whole30. I contemplated if I wanted to share this publicly or not, but I think I could use the encouragement and accountability that comes with sharing it. I’ve been recently dealing with a lot more migraines and pains in my knees. Someone brought to my attention we don’t eat exactly the healthiest-while we love our salads and veggies we are also a family of brownies and chips. I really like this particular thing because it has a focus on the reintroduction period and how your body reacts to each thing. Fingers crossed it’s not cheese making my head hurt. I don’t want to give up cheese!

Read three books. I had been doing really well with my 26 books in 2017 goal, but in March I slacked off(I slacked off on everything, let’s be real here.) I would love to read three more and put myself at ten books for the year on May 1st! I’m definitely going to be finishing “When The Enemy Strikes” by Charles Stanley and the mystery novel I had started. I’ll share the ten I’ve read in my April Recap, May Goals post.

Go through and update my pinnable graphics. I’ve come a long way since I began blogging and my graphics are one sure way to see that growth. I have updated some of my more popular posts, but I would love to go back and fix them ALL. It can be super time consuming, so with that I’m only aiming for 8 new posts this month.

That’s what April will shower down upon us! It also will bring Josh and I’s birthdays so follow the Facebook page and keep an eye out for our birthday live video. Do you have any burning questions you just SO want to know about us? Ask Below!

3 thoughts on “March Recap&April Goals

  1. Don’t feel down on yourself! Some months and seasons in life can make reaching certain goals attainable, or not so much. I think it’s awesome you’re to try Whole 30! Keep us updated because I’ve been considering trying it too. And ugh, I’m trying to update my pins too! It’s so much work!

  2. Rebecca says:

    I think that your goals are amazing! You’re on your way to mama greatness and climbing fast! I’m having trouble right now even choosing goals to set! As for the Whole 30: keep us posted as to your results. This way of eating is definitely something that would detox and purify! Thanks for being such an amazing role model for us!

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