Life/Blog Update

Hey all! Long time no blog. Like…really long time, no writing.

This summer has been amazing! But also crazy busy. Finding time to blog between summer school, hiking, camps, and all these kids made blogging nearly impossible. I wish that wasn’t true and that I could mom hardcore and still write daily. I simply couldn’t this summer.

Now that school has started back up, I can come back though and update you all on our life again. The days off while my kids are almost all in school and I can sit nicely while eating with the littlest ones have left me able to do Bible studying and writing again. And I am PUMPED.

Before I just jump into blogging regularly again though, I wanted to share a bit of this summer excitement with you all and give you guys a family update.

Life Update:

First and foremost, for those of you who don’t know…we are pregnant with Lucky Bellows…baby number 7! As of today, I am 17 weeks and feeling a bunch better than I did in the first trimester. We still do not know what baby Lucky is, but we do have names picked for both a boy and a girl! Josh and I are beyond excited; the girls are really hoping for a baby lady.

My due date is February 13th, so we shall see when Little Lucky comes along. We are not scheduling the cesarean before 40 weeks unless something is not going well so there is the possibility of a Valentine’s Baby!

This summer was fairly uneventful except our wonderful trip to Florida! Yes, that’s right we went to Florida to visit my great grandmother. With two of my sisters, I drove to Florida with the five younger kids. (Dynamite was working, sadly!)

It was the most fun I think we could have had! We visited the Everglades, spent time in the ocean, and loved the pool. The trip there and back weren’t actually that bad, despite driving there and back. The kids were perfect in the car! I don’t know how I got so lucky… but I did! I plan to share a little bit about that in a larger blog post.

Blog Update:

I’m still struggling with this blog, y’all. I want to bring glory to God in my writing, help others, and encourage families and couples to live as happily as they can. The problem being-I feel mightily ill equipped to do those things. Why? I have no idea. Most likely it’s doubt and fear coming from the enemy. But it’s still very real. Every time I write something I feel as though it is not good enough, I am not good enough, and it’s not worth putting it out there.

I’m not sharing that for reassurance; I know many of you are avid followers who checked back all summer and have encouraged me to write. I am so thankful for you all.

Why I am sharing this though, centers around a request I have. If you could, just while you’re saying your prayers, mention wisdom, discernment, and bravery on my behalf. I want to be brave. The stories I have inside of me are all of Jesus’ doing. In Him alone can I stand here, a mom of 7 before I turn 26, a truly happily married wife, and a person whose journey to this place was met with obstacles and trials that may help others. My greatest hope is to use these stories to encourage and bring peace to others living where I have been, by leading them to the One who gives that peace to me.

I would just love prayers to continue to be brave and to become braver in sharing those stories.

I hope you all are excited to see us back and I cannot wait to share more with you all. Baby updates will begin in the next week or so and I am so pumped to share some of the things I have been learning this summer and what we’re looking forward to this fall.

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