January Goals!

I know I shared with you all our year long goals, but I also wanted to set goals for each month because smaller, more attainable goals are great things to strive for! I didn’t do that last year and I feel as though it really hurt me as far as growth goes, in the month to month matter. During 2017 I definitely want to focus on doing that, so I am being held accountable for the things I wish to succeed in each month!  

Each month, I will set a few goals, that can be blogging, fitness, marriage, children, me, housework, or Jesus related! The goals will be on the smaller side, and more realistic than my previous yearly goals!
January’s goals:

Run/Walk 31 miles!
As part of my year long goal to be a healthier LJ, I’m spending the month of January focused on getting healthier when it comes to movement. I used to love running and going for hikes or walks and I’ve allowed that to die out. In January, my goal is a mile a day, which ends up being 31 miles throughout the month! I’m ready for this. 

Post 8 articles throughout the month.
I’ve allows myself to become complacent about what I’m sharing and how often I do. Consistency has been a hard thing for me! This month, I’m aiming to post twice a week, which will equal 8 in January. I’m looking forward to sharing some more religious and mental health posts this year-it’s something I am passionate about and I want to share my knowledge.

Two date nights with exciting new date ideas
. As I’ve mentioned, our marriage hit a bit of a rough spot the end of 2016. In a way to focus on being healthier in our marriage, we intend to date two nights each month this year. Getting back into that habit may be difficult but we need it. So we are focusing on this month, two dates! One will definitely be to the Bright Ideas Brewery…I cannot wait to check it out! 

Wake up by 7:15am every day.
I’ve been sleeping in because Bear doesn’t sleep, but I feel the lateness in my bones. I miss being up when the kids leave for school and I have had some weird eating patterns since I’ve slept in. I’m going to make myself get out of bed every day by 7:15! 
Small goals for the first month of 2017, but here we go! I hope you’re all as ready to kick butt, love hard, and live like Jesus this year…I know I am!

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