Influenza Battle 2016

If you keep up with us on Instagram, there’s a good chance you have noticed our families battle against the influenza, 2016! If not, the short story is this: for some wonderful reason, we decided that exactly three weeks after giving birth to the Bear baby, it was wise for us to catch and share the flu. This led to a long blogging break, lots of cough medicine, trips to the emergency room and two very exhausted parents.

While we are still very much in the trenches of making it through(and taking prayers the ones who haven’t been infected, stay healthy) I figured I would share some of my newly learned lessons about parenting through the flu and parenting with the flu.

Influenza Battle 2016

  1. Give up, first day, at any regulations you may usually believe in as far as screen time goes. Whether it’s you sick or your child sick, give up. We don’t really regulate screen time anyway, but during this sickness? I’m pretty sure my kids watched as much television this past week as they did the rest of 2016. If it makes you feel better, Netflix has great educational shows on it. I decided I didn’t care that much; we enjoyed Land Before Time and The Spongebob Squarepants Movie.
  2. Also, give up on healthy foods. I know healthy foods help you heal better and faster. I truly do. And I began eating healthier right before I got sick, in hopes of starting a weight loss and fitness regimen. Since I got sick? I’ve eaten a heck of a lot of Ramen. Be okay with that. Really. And if you manage to eat healthy…you’re amazing.IMG_9102
  3. Give yourself the breaks you need. I spent a lot of time feeling really terrible about how little I was doing around the house or with the kids when it hit me first. I won’t sugarcoat it, our house was an absolute mess a few days there. I had a terrible night when the pain was so bad I couldn’t pick up Bear on my own. I was not ready for this debilitating illness and it broke my heart to have a three week old I could barely hold; let alone the rules about wearing a mask and not kissing him. He still got the flu even after those precautions as well.
  4. Accept the help you are offered. My grandparents and sister were our life savers this time. The rest of my family was in Florida enjoying April vacation, but Auntie Cat was here often, taking the healthier children to the park or bringing me some food. Mema and Papa took the middle two for two days for us. Plus, the Doodle was gone for the week on a mission trip and we had endless prayers and inquiries of what we need from our church family. It takes a village, they say. Well we are so very lucky that our village is this amazing and supportive.
  5. Label your thermometers. This probably isn’t quite as important to single people, couples, or those with older children. However, with infants? You take their temperature rectally. So…label your thermometers.
  6. Kids will copy everything. This is a general thing, however, I needed the hilarious chance to tell you the story of Bug, our two year old, picking up the thermometer as he was “caring” for his “sick dinosaur” and attempting to insert itrectally to see if he has a fever. Tell me that didn’t lead you to laugh? It made me laugh, even though the laughter hurt.13043752_1092424944169778_1405108731135397730_n
  7. Wear those stylish surgical masks. Not only will you look hot, but it also is nice not to have an entire home diseased.

I hope you got a nice little laugh at our misfortunes. In all honesty, we are doing much better right now in the Bellows Bunker and I am excited to get back into my usual writing schedule soon! Until then, stay healthy!

What is your family doing to avoid sickness this spring?


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