If We Sent Out Christmas Cards…

We didn’t send out Christmas cards this year. In fact, we have never sent our Christmas cards. My husband just isn’t about them-every year I talk about sending them out and he rolls his eyes, scoffs, and acts like I’m crazy to want to do them.  So I never make them and I always feel terrible as our family gets all the cards. But it led me to thinking…

If we were to send out Christmas cards this year, what would they say?

If we sent our cards, I would tell you about all the amazing things our family have accomplished this past year.

I would tell you all about Dynamite working his behind off to work for the state this summer and succeed in school this fall. I would let you know he turns 21 fifteen days after Christmas this year and he keeps sharing tattoos  on Facebook but we’ve yet to get matching ones…what’s up with that??

I would let you know that Doodle is working so hard in school but even harder at boxing. She boxes four nights a week and rocks at it. I would tell you all about her growth as a young Christian woman, her walk to becoming baptized, and how hard she’s been working at being involved in the church.

I would tell you just how proud we are of our little princess. How she has grown, how she has healed, how she has become such an amazingly beautiful child. We’re so proud of the steps she continues to take, the things she continues to learn. I would let you know how much joy she brings to our lives.
If we sent out Christmas cards, I would highlight Monkeys ability to learn. I would throw glitter all in the area, crying joyous tears of the life Jesus has given him. I would tell you he can now read, something we never knew would happen. Something I promise Jesus every single day that I will never take for granted.

I would painstakingly update you on all the milestones Bug has hit the past year. I would tell you he’s still nursing and that’s such an amazing accomplishment of ours. He can sing his ABCs! And he loves SCOOBY DOO.

Our Christmas cards would include a birth announcement about Bear-one we never sent out either. I would excitedly exclaim how beautiful watching him become a person has been. I would proudly let you know he was birthed via cesarean and his laugh is my most favorite sound in the world.

If we sent out a Christmas update, we would excitedly tell you we loved living in this house. That 2016 has been so good to us. Our church family has grown strong and we are happy where we are in this life.

Yes…our Christmas update would be filled with happiness and excitement. I would tell you all about our cute little family and our joy filled days.

But if I wrote this Christmas update, I wouldn’t be completely upfront with you. I would probably skip mentioning that Bear caught some kind of no sleep bug and I’ve been awake every night for hours. I would skip explaining that while Monkey is doing amazing, he’s also having some really rough days and we’re looking into more testing to find a better way to assist him.

Our Christmas update wouldn’t include the pretty raw points about my current struggle with my mental health or our rough patch we’ve been getting through in our marriage. It wouldn’t mention how exhausted I am. So exhausted. And I certainly doubt I would bring up that it’s a hard time of the year, with Josh’s fathers passing away and general trauma in our kiddos.

That’s something to remember as this season continues. It’s really easy to put on a holiday card all the positives of the year before-and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Celebrate the good that happened in 2016 and push the bad out of sight. But much like social media, remember that everyone has their ups and downs and not everyone wants to share the downs as intimately.

This is my raw and authentic, truly filled with joy but also sometimes kind of difficult to swallow and hard life. And if we sent Christmas cards, I pray it would share all sections and emotions of my life, like I did here today. I pray you remember that while you’re reading all these awesome parts of others years, you aren’t feeling like a failure or as though your family is falling behind. We’re all exactly where we need to be as we continue this advent season.

Don’t compare the valleys you feel to the mountains others show. 

Happy Holidays, y’all! I pray you all enjoy the cards you are receiving…I know we are! Did you send out Christmas cards this year?

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