Hourly Pictures With The Bellows

Hey y’all! You asked and you shall receive…sort of! I am embarassed to say we had friends come over last night and after 6, I stopped taking photos. Which is a-okay with me! Fellowship is so important between believers. It was a great night. But without making you wait any longer, our Sunday, between the hours of 8-6!

8am often finds me like this-nursing. Bear has been super weird about the positions he nurses in lately, so yes…he is managing to eat and my face is a true indication of how it feels. I’ve been know to yell, “MY BODY DOESN’T BEND THAT WAY” at my two youngest loves lately.

9am! My little Monkey was dressed and ready to go…and showing off his spiffy new blazer. I love a good deal and we gothis from Goodwill for 2$ so I consider that a win! He also is now rocking a mohawk that I look at every time and am just so proud. About halfway through the hair cut, he started getting really worked up and anxious but he powered through. I need to just have my dad cut his hair everytime. I’m not sure what Coach’s deal is, but he never cries with him.

10am. Monkey and I doing Blue Steel(he has NOT seen that movie, don’t worry!). Also Monkey yelling “MOM WE’RE LATE”. Update? We were not late for church thank you very much Monkey.

11am. Our wonderful kidmin multitasking ninja rocking her sermon on Fruits of the Spirit.

Noon! Shockingly, noon was met at home, nursing again, this time begging Bear to fall back asleep. He usually naps about 11 but Sundays our schedule always gets pushed back a bit. It’s all good…I’ll take all these sweet moments I can get.

1pm was met with quiet time. The kids were all handed their kindles to enjoy a little bit of reading or spelling(though I’m pretty sure in this picture Princess was laying on the floor, whining she didn’t have the “fun games”. The fun games are the toddler matching games. Just so we all know.) My husband is reading on his, probably a comic book.

2pm. Mama is going over the schedule for the upcoming week, something Josh and I try to do at some point on a Sunday. we remind each other of any appointments and the days I’m nannying. If you are planning for a larger family-or really any family, I highly recommend putting aside this time!

3pm. Nursing. Again. A lot of my day is spent in this very position. I don’t hate it.

4pmish. I came home from grabbing Doodle’s stuff and making sure she got into Youth group okay and say this. An overtired Bug and a daddy trying to get him to rest. What a mistake…he was up until like 2am.

5pm. Doodle returns home from a weekend away and the kids are overjoyed. I think she missed them too…though she’ll never admit it :p.

6pm. My final photo and it’s dinner time! Out of everything, this is one thing you can assume happens everyday for us-we eat dinner as a family. It’s something I’m holding onto as long as I can, especially when Josh isn’t working nights. I know someday we will lose this, we already are down one who lives on his own, and I relish in these moments.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my not so perfect Iphone photos of a pretty average Sunday. Some Sundays are busier than this, but usually we truly celebrate the Sabbath and have our day of rest. 

What do your Sundays look like?

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