Good-Bye Summer!(Summer Goals Reviewed)

Hey y’all!

Welcome to autumn! This is my favorite season by far; all seasons have their place but we all know I’m basic white girl when it comes to loving fall. Minus the pumpkin-I so desperately want to love pumpkin spice, but pumpkin flavors just has never been my favorite. Everything else about fall though…it has my heart. I basically live in the most beautiful place in the world for leaves changing, I love soups and stews and anything that warms the soul, and the fashion for fall? To die for. Seriously, look at this outfit.

As we say good bye to fall and hello to the new year of school and after school programs and toddler learning, the blog is going to be coming into a cohesive plan. My heart has been leading me towards a space for support, love and encouragement for some time and I am trying to figure out how to convey those things while sharing our crazy, busy, awesome life and the tips and hacks I so love to share with y’all.

But before that, let’s go over the summertime wishlist with the family. How do you think we did?

1. Hike 10 different trails. We totally have done this! Or at least close to it. We loved it a whole lot, you can check out some of the hikes we made right here, here, here, and here!

2. Dip our toes (and maybe more) in the ocean. I am so disappointed to say we didn’t manage this yet this summer. I hope to get down to the ocean still at one point this fall, because I love the fall ocean as much as the summer time ocean. Maybe a day of playing hooky from school?!

3. Visit one art museum The Eric Carle Museum should count right?!

4. Visit one historical place. Does climbing into a old fashion basement on one of our hikes count? I totally count it.

5. Sleep in tents. We didn’t manage this one…it was just too hard without Josh!

6. Ride on a boat. We have a few times!

7. Go fishing. We have also done this a few times. My parents got Monkey a fishing rod for his birthday so we’ve used that quite a bit.

8. Swim in a lake. Is there anything else to swim in?!

9. Volunteer. We did manage this. I did it a few times with the church, Doodle with PopCares.

10. At least two different places! While we didn’t do this as a family, we did go through and give a bunch of clothes to Goodwill.

11. Have a road trip that’s at least an hour away. Ecotarium! A wonderful 2 hour trip.

12. Sleep somewhere other than our house. We got to go up to camp on Lake Champlain. It was a bunch of fun.

13. Go tent camping. Didn’t manage this…why did I have sleeping in a tent and tent camping on this?

14. Make smores over a fire. Not yet! But we do tend to wait for the weather to cool a bit before we introduce nighttime fires. Josh is just too hot in the summer time. (he’s hot all the time!)

15. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone I’m still only like 4 chapters in. Now that we have a routine again, I plan on finishing it up for this fall!

16. Create a successful garden. It was decent! We got a good number of cukes and squash. We also had an overload of peppers! Next year, we will have more planted!

17. Attend a Zumba class. I got almost no where on my own. Doodle has been loving the boxing class with the gym that does Zumba.

18. Get Family Photos done. DONE. I am SO EXCITED to get them back. Cannot wait.

19. One vegetarian meal every week. We didn’t manage this to the extent where I paid enough attention to know. There’s a real possibility we did have vegetarian meals, but I honestly forgot this was a goal.

20. Play outside in the rain. We had so much fun with this. Doodle especially loved it…Bug not so much.


And some photo recaps:




We’ll just forget about my date list. It was a rough summer, both on and in our marriage, and we chose comfort over exploration. I’m okay with that.

How is your back to school day going? Are you excited for the fall?


9 thoughts on “Good-Bye Summer!(Summer Goals Reviewed)

  1. Sometimes, comfort in a relationship over adventure is what you really need. 🙂 Your summer sounds like it was amazing, though! I’m still holding out on a few of my goals–waiting out onto summer is officially over. But I love that you were able to get a lot done! Happy almost fall 🙂

  2. Well you got a good chunk of your goals done! lol. It’s funny that you ask if there is anything else to swim in besides a lake. I live in Florida, so you’d likely get eaten by an alligator in a lake. haha! But I remember swimming and boating in them while I lived in Illinois!

    • says:

      I would get in so much trouble if I ever went to Florida! We managed to do a good amount-I had my 13 year old reminding me all the time we needed to do more :p

  3. I think you did a great job! I had camping on our list too, but only my oldest and husband made it. I’m super excited for fall too. No PSL for me, but I do like everything else too.

  4. Sounds like a fun list! If you still want to make (another) art museum happened there are several free art museums at UMass that are open again now that school is back in session. (Mount Holyoke and Amherst also both have free art museums, and Smith’s is free once a month).

    • says:

      We will have to check these out! We’re pretty far up in the Berkshires, so it’ll be a day trip to get to them 🙂

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