Friday Favorites: November Edition!

It’s Friday…or FRI-YAY for all you working ladies and gents! The weekend is here and it’s only 6 days away from Thanksgiving! Once it’s Thanksgiving passes, I’m totally allowed to blast Christmas music, start decorating, and candy canes are an acceptable breakfast…right? Oh, wait-already doing ALL those things. I don’t know what it is, but as I grow older, Christmas hasn’t lost any of it’s allure-I love it more and more every year! Jesus, food, family, and flavored coffee and drinks…all right up my alley.

One of the ideas I really want to implement is something that seemed to be a resounding request throughout the surveys I gave last month-show more of the kids and my husband’s personalities and such. One idea was to do an interview with each child, another asked for a day in the life, and someone mentioned talking about their likes and dislikes on posts.

I loved the interview idea, but here’s the thing…only Princess was on board with it! Dynamite was working, Doodle looked at me as though I had two heads, Monkey told me he thought an interview meant cake(Thanks mom.), Bug spent the entire time trying to eat my mousepad(thanks Josh), and Bear screamed “BLAHLABLAH” as loud as he could. Even the oldest member of this crazy clan, Joshua, turned me down. Whatever, family. Love you too.

But I still wanted to share some of our personality, loves, dislikes with you guys since this blog is all about this crazy crew. I think one great way to share a bit more of who we are is an idea I’ve seen a lot of bloggers do, a “Friday Favorites” of sorts. Friday Favorites will consist of talking about each of their current favorite things, whether it’s activities, items, games, books, movies…anything! This month, I thought in honor of Christmas, I could share what each of them is asking for from family and friends for the holidays. I’ll still share some of my favorite things from the month of November and a few of my favorite things about each of them right now! (I love bragging on my kids. It’s what I do.)

So pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, pull out a scone, and enjoy a little more personal time with my family!


Christmas Wishlists!

Dynamite: hasn’t actually given us a Christmas wish list, but I imagine it looks something like “money, gift cards, maybe one sweater”(because Lauren has great taste okay!) I do believe he mentioned to my husband that he wants one of those home beer brewing sets since he’s going to be TWENTY ONE in January.

Doodle: FitBit, guitar, hoverboard, drone. If you think your Christmases are expensive with babies, wait until your children start asking for items that are all 100+ haha! But in all seriousness, her list is a lot of focus on her likes, exercise and art. She will get a new outfit(and hate me for it.)

Princess: Superwatch, American Girl Doll, stuffed animals, crown to wear as she bosses around her minions. Okay, I added that last one. But if you ever doubted how feminine my daughter is, her Christmas list totally reinforces gender stereotypes.

(Both girls asked for light up finger tip gloves and my first thought was “Like the kind people use when they drop acid??” The answer is yes. They want those gloves to play with.)

Monkey: Lego sets, a watch, power rangers, and cats/cars. Wait, cat/cars? Well he wrote out his own list and I don’t know which it said. Every time I asked which it was, he would start laughing at me, unable to control his silliness. He is not getting cats. He may get cars.

Bug: Well, he’s caught onto screaming “I WANT THAT” at every commercial on the television, a horrible habit that I cannot wait to break. Especially when he’s screaming, “I want that” and it’s a commercial for an Audi.

Bear: He wants mama’s milk, green beans, and snuggles. Babies are THE easiest.

What are my current favorites?

Make-up: Huntress by Formula X. I received the sample in my Ipsy bag and totally didn’t think I would love it until I put it on. I’ve already ordered a full size one! And Smoke by noyah. This lipstick is after my heart. On my lips, it looks so natural, while adding a bit more of a greyish undertone to it. I adore it!


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Entertainment: For the kids right now, we are loving ‘Leaves” by David Ezra Stein and “Mud” by Mary Lynn Ray. Both talk about the seasons changing, which is something I’ve been trying to do with the leaves falling down and the snow coming. They’re also short enough they hold Bug’s attention through the entire book. We can’t get over Zootopia in this house-and we probably aren’t alone! Josh and I are enjoying mindless entertainment at the moment and watch Impractical Jokers whenever we have a few minutes alone. (Or I’m watching it while the kids are up all night. The littlest ones no long sleep y’all. It’s a problem.)


Fashionably speaking: This outfit has been on the replay since it became cold enough to wear sweaters. Sometimes I switch the black out for a grey sweater, other times I change the scarf around…but it’s a go to! Those grey boots are to die for. I told my husband I was buying winter booties and he was not impressed when I came home with these!img_3998-2

Favorite thing about my kids: We attended parent teacher conferences this past week and the response varied from “must be more organized” to “he keeps growling at me.” (That’s not even a joke.). By far, though, my proudest moment was when we came to the realization that every one of our children’s teachers told us how kind they were. That they were genuinely good people. That’s the most important thing to me when raising kids, never mind diagnoses and GPAs. That they are good people. So proud of them for that.



Each month, I’ll come back and share my own favorites as well as some fact about all the kids! Hopefully you feel a little more invited into our home through these posts…You even get to miss te stinky diapers and screaming like banshee children!

What’s on your kids Christmas lists? Give me some suggestions for my older kids!


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