Fourth Friday Update(January)

Happy Friday, y’all! Or should I say Fri-Yay! Probably yes for all the working parents out there, but this stay at home mom definitely has more to do on the weekends than she does throughout the week.
As promised I’ve been sitting and thinking pretty hard about how to do an update post and to be frank-I still don’t know. I’m rolling around the idea of a post that’s a “what we’re eating, doing, watching, wearing, reading” kind of post so I think that’s what I’m going to give a run this month!

Reading: This past month I’ve been trying to stick to my reading goal of 26 books in 2017! So far I’ve finished Moving Mountains by John Eldredge and am halfway through a second book by Cathy Glass. I highly recommend Moving Mountains to any Christian friends out there-it was totally convicting about my prayer life!

Watching: I know, I know, we are so late to this party-but watching This Is Us. Oh my lanta y’all! It’s so amazing. I’ve loved watching the raw honesty about adoption, from the feeling of bonding to the struggles of interracial adoption and caring for things like a child’s hair. And can I just tell you-the nursing an adopted child? Favorite moment on television this year!

Eating: I definitely need to work on this. I was doing great meal prepping and then I kind of just ate whatever we ate as a family. This is something I need to work on. For our Group meeting on New Years though, I totally made my enchilada casserole using my personal recipe for the sauce(you can find it here) and it was a hit! (Tip: for gluten free options, exchange flour with corn starch!)

Dreaming: God has been definitely putting it on my heart lately that I want to move forward and talk more about mental health-both for adults and kids. A conversation with Monkey the other day really stirred up my yearning to write age appropriate books, explaining the hard stuff to children. I’m starting a new series next month that’s going to be geared to the adults but my dreams are all dancing around those kids books.

Feeling: It’d be a lie, and dishonest, to not acknowledge the struggles that have existed around my mental health the past week or so. I’ve been feeling a lot of joy and peace, but depression is dancing around it. Feelings are frustrating sometimes, am I right?

Listening: Like all good New Englanders, I was raised in a Pats house and I canNOT stop listening to the Closer remake with Brady! I’ve also been listening to a lot of podcasts and God Centered Mom is one of my current favorites!

Moving: On MLK day, we went for our first hike of 2017 on the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail and it was awesome! I’ve also been walking/jogging almost everyday and last night started using FitStar for workouts-I definitely am feeling that today…oh my abs.

Blogging Favorites: I just saw this post by Phylicia the other day about Lingerie, Jesus, and the Girls Who Love Both…and OH MY GOSH did I love it! Becuase, if you didn’t know, I totally love both.
It’s been a great month so far! I think I’m going to stick to this format for our monthly updates…what do you all think? A good way or no?

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