Fourth Friday Update (March)

Happy March y’all! I know I said this last month, but I am still having a hard, hard time with the fact that 2017 seems to be FLYING by. What have we been doing in March?

: I finished off another Cathy Glass book, and with no shame, I admit my poor little heart has felt defeat. Those books, my friends, are heart wrenching. I moved towards trying out a new novel, Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale. It’s a bit mysterious and outside my normal pleasure read, but hey…why not try something new?! I’m also chugging my way through When The Enemy Strikes by Charles Stanley. A lot of biblical information and conviction in this book, so it’s taking me a few days(weeks..months).

Watching: James has been on a sort of non sleeping strike again so behold, terrible late night television again. I recently sat through all the Lake Placid series(did you know there’s like five?) and I started watching One Day At A Time on Netflix. It’s pretty funny, but it’s also been an interesting look into some Cuban-American cultural things. Apparently there was another show back in the day by the same name and a similar concept!

Eating: Lots and lots of potlucks. I feel like we’ve had at least one dinner at the church every week. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! But man, I feel like making potluck meals is my new normal. We also have eaten a lot of soups because the weather just isn’t letting up. I know it’s spring in New England…but does New England know it’s spring?! I’m 100% ready for some grilling out and summer salads.

Dreaming: Does dreaming of sleep count? Josh has been a wee bit ill the past week, before that Monkey wasn’t 100%….I feel like it’s been a non stop exhaustion this past month. Mama needs a break and I don’t know when that’s coming. But also-dreaming of spring and summer. I just want to spend hours outside, go on hikes, not be cold or wet. You know, those farfetched dreams when you live in Massachusetts in March.

Feeling: Tired. I know that’s kind of a constant throughout this update, and I don’t share it for sympathy-it’s just my truth in this season. I’m also overall pretty happy and feeling blessed…but exhaustion takes it toll even when we do hold tight to joy.

Listening: At the moment, a yelping child. Honestly, this month has been filled with a lot of laughter and for that I am so grateful. It’s also been filled with a lot of screaming children because, well, they yell. A lot. And we’re so ready to get out of the house for a few hours most the time. I’ve also been feeling a bit of nostalgia and been listening to some old school punk and emo music. That’s embarrassing…

Moving: For walking, I’ve actually done better in March about the number of steps I take…but I haven’t kept track of the miles I walk. OOPS. We were getting out after dinner and walking to church a few days there, but again…it’s cold. I’m still on a camping mattress too(joy) and I’m still doing a few FitStar exercises here and there(actual joy.)

Blogging Favorites: I have two I want to share with you for the past month. The first is by Kira at Joy Pursued on What Children Teach Us About Being Humble. I LOVED it. Learning from my kids is one of my favorite things to do. You should also check out my friend Summer’s post on Filling Up Your Content Calendar here! You can give Summer a shout out when you realize JUST how awesome sauce my content calendar for the next few months are!

What’s been going on? Not a whole lot! I’ve been staying on top of writing as much as I can and praying for a little more health to hit out house. We had a nice date night out thanks to our awesome church family, but everything we’ve tried to do since has been kind of a mess. Sickness, busyness etc has kept us at home. We began Monkey’s therapy pursuit and that’s been a challenge in itself for us-but we know what we are working for. We celebrated Doodle, Dynamite, Bug and Bear’s birthdays and Bug turned THREE! This weekend, my baby is one. How is that even possible?? I have also been living it up on a fitness/health Instagram, so if you have any interest in checking that out it’s right here: walkhikemom

What has your March been like?

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