Four Things I’m Teaching My Kids About Hospitality

One of our family goals for the year was to increase and elevate the amount of hospitality our family projects. I chose to add it to our goals because I believe hospitality truly encompasses what Jesus wants His followers to give to other Christians and non believers. Fellowship in the Lord is so important…and for me, that goes along with opening my home and life to others.

In raising these kids, I want to establish a hospitality as an important part of their Christian life. I want them to learn that serving others is not an option, but something they need to do to show God’s love to the world, through their actions. In them learning how important it is, I have five things they must remember as they grow up- five things that are actual important for any Christian to know as they welcome others into their homes.


You don’t have to have a spotless house. I hear this all the time from other people, “My house just is just such a mess.” I have to tell you a little secret-a few clothes in weird places, toys on your floor, a dish in your sink…that’s not a mess! Mamas, you especially, need to remember that houses are meant to be lived in. Our kids make it really hard to keep a spotless house sometimes. And that’s okay! I want my children to always remember that it’s okay to not have a spotless home. Others are spending a lot less time judging the rooms of your home than you think. We are very truly our own biggest critics.

Good food is better than fancy food. I know a few people out there who are terrified of having people over because cooking isn’t their thing. I want my kids to know that it’s always okay to buy a platter of veggies and fruits from Big Y and put that out. I may love to cook, but it’s not necessary to host a fun party or a night of fellowship with your friends and family.

It’s more important to let them feel welcomed and loved than impressed. Have you ever walked into one of those houses where you are in awe with what their home looks like…but you feel really unwelcome in it? Like you’re afraid to sit on the couch because what if you leave a mark?!

We don’t have a particularly pretty house. My husband is a fan of free couches and chairs, we have a lot of kids so nothing nice lasts longer than a week or so. But that doesn’t matter to me as much as people walking into my home and feeling like they are welcome and wanted there.

Even if it doesn’t come naturally or easily…you need to embrace it as a Christian. Oops. My husband is going to roll his eyes at this one. But let’s face it, sometimes being Christian means going against our worldly feelings and reading into the Bible further. I firmly believe that the bible calls us to join together in fellowship. Now, if you’re an introvert, I don’t mean suddenly inviting a hundred people over and into your home for the night. There are ways to have intimate and small gatherings and still share Jesus love with those walking into your home.

Remember, hospitality begins in the heart, not the house.

Having an open, welcoming, and accepting heart is the best way to show hospitality. That is the number one thing I want my children to remember as we end our year of making our home hospitable.


6 thoughts on “Four Things I’m Teaching My Kids About Hospitality

  1. Good food is better than fancy food; YES! I was actually talking to my husband about that this morning. Fancy food can be great and fun, but simple food is wonderful, too! 🙂

    • says:

      I LOVE to make the fancy food but I also don’t hate when people have simple store bought platters! My older daughter hates cooking so she’s going to be that platter fan 😉

  2. I love this! I totally agree with every point! With a toddler and one on the way the house always has at least one messy room and dirty dishes in the sink. I always tell myself that people don’t want to see a clean house they want to see you. Mess and all they just want your company! My pastor actually came over the other day and we had laundry on one of our couches for which I of course apologized for (I don’t mind the mess I just think it’s polite to apologize) and he then said “This is comforting. I like to see a how that has been lived in.” He is so right about that!

    Elizabeth Ann //

    • says:

      Our house is always a little bit of a mess because six kids! My mama use to tell us all the time people care about you not your floors 🙂

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