Foster Care Friday: National Adoption Day

Today was National Adoption Day. Across Massachusetts, 129 families finalized their adoptions today.
We were one of those families.

Welcome to our legal forever family, my dear little Princess and my crazy little Monkey. We love you so much.

I have a few things I want you kids to know today, on our “gotcha day”.


I have loved you since you came to my home 29 months ago and this slip of paper did not change that. I’m thankful for your permanency, I’m happy we can do all those things we ever wanted to do with you. But today, while a special day, does not change my love for you. I have always loved you.

You deserve my love.

I know today we heard a lot about how parents who adopt are loving, great people. That’s kind of true-I’m pretty great, But I do not love you because I am a great person. I love you because you deserve every damn ounce of love I can offer you-pardon the French.Β Don’t be confused- I love you because of who I am, I love you because of who you are.

I didn’t pray for you to end up in my house.

I am so blessed to hold you. To love you. To cherish every moment with you. But I never prayed your first family wouldn’t be where you ended up. Or that you would be removed in the first place. You are honored and adored here, I promise. You are wanted and loved. But I didn’t pray you here. However, I pray for you every day and your every move.

You are incredible wonderful humans. You have so much potential. I am proud to call you my kids. I am honored to share a last name with you. Please never doubt that.


I just also want to say thank you to all those out there who have been an amazing support team through out our journey here. You all know well this legality, while great, is just a little aspect of what makes a family.
I thank my parents for teaching me nearly 12 years ago that foster care was in my blood. I thank them for adopting my brother and sister, even when they drive me bonkers, and the lesson that a family tree is not made of all the same roots. We thank our church for their never ending support and love every step of the way. And our family and friends for loving these kiddos the same as they loved the ones who have come from my womb.

Thank you and congratulations to all the families who are celebrating their adoptions today. Please keep my kids biological family in your prayers as they cope with the finalization of this adoption.


20 thoughts on “Foster Care Friday: National Adoption Day

  1. This made me cry! And that is no stretch, I literally cried while reading this. It’s beautiful and perfect. Bravo. My husband and I have been wanting to become Foster Parents and one day adopt, and this… this is why.

    • says:

      I hope you guys go ahead with that choice! Foster care has changed my life the past 12 ish years and it’s an amazing journey. Thank you:)

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