Five Kids, One Bag!

As a mom of many, I have the biggest baby bag around.

After all, in it, I’ve had to continuously pack for 3+ children at almost all times. I began re assembling the bag this past week so when Bear comes I am ready for a newborn again…after all newborns require a few different things than the 2, 5, 7, and 13 year olds! I thought it may help to put together a list of what goes into my bag for all those first time mamas out there-or the foster parents just starting out!

  1. Diapers. We usually cloth diaper, though I had fallen off the wagon this past fall after a move and a sickness with Bug. Once Bear comes, we are recommitting to cloth diapering, which eliminates the need for different sized diapers in the bag! I also highly recommend keepingĀ one or two diapers in the car in case of an emergency.
  2. Wipes. I use wipes for all the ages-from newborn spit-up to chocolate covered 5 year olds to the 13 year old touching something and demanding she wash it off right now!
  3. A few small toys. I try to keep these pretty unique and age varying, as you can see from the picture. You want something for each kiddo to do! I also love to bring a small notebook or coloring book and crayons. They all love those things. I also love to have books to read to them if we’re stuck somewhere awhile. The kids really love books.
  4. Nipple and diaper creams! Both are great, both are so important. I swear by nipple cream if you’re nursing. And diaper creams come in handy for all babies. If you’re cloth diapering, make sure the cream is okay to be used for the cloth ones!
  5. Breast pads. Again, if you’re nursing, such an important thing! I have never leaked but I always kept a few in my bag, just in case. I love homemade nursing pads personally.
  6. Extra outfit! I bring an extra outfit for the 2 year old and newborn, and extra underwear for my 5 year old(We just potty trained last year and this is just to be careful)
  7. Snacks and cups! I have the WOWcup for my 2 year old that I adore. We also usually have a few bottles of water in there for the other kids or myself. And snacks kind of are necessary for everyone. Especially those nursing mamas. We really like Nutrigrain bars, because they don’t go bad or get banged up.
  8. Blanket. For me, this has two uses. First to keep a kiddo warm. I also like to bring one I can cover with while nursing if I have to breastfeed somewhere I’m more comfortable covering. (Because, mamas, you nurse how YOU are comfortable!) I also use the blanket as a surface to change the baby on.
  9. Burp cloths. These are needed all the time when you have a new baby, but I also use them in case one of our older children spills something or there’s a bloody nose or something.
  10. Bags. I carry a few plastic bags for soiled clothing and a wetbag for dirty diapers. If you’re using disposable diapers, plastic bags can also be used to wrap dirty diapers in.

If you are a fostering family, I highly recommend always carrying the placement letter with you to prove you are legally transporting these kids!

What do other parents insist on having in their diaper bag?


One thought on “Five Kids, One Bag!

  1. Well, I’m beyond the diaper bag as I now have an almost 13 year old, but I still carry a change of clothes for him in a bag that stays in the car along with tylenol, barf bag (he can get car sick!), snack, sanitizer, and allergy meds. As a mom, I think you’re always prepared and got your kids covered no matter what their age! Blessings to you and your family!

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