Five For Friday: What’s on the Horizon!

Hey sweet friends! It’s been a hot second since I’ve done a Five on Friday so I decided to go over the results from my spring survey a wee bit and have a Five For Friday-Five Things To Expect On the Blog in the Near Future.

If you haven’t taken this survey yet, feel free to go check out my post on 26 Things You May Not Have Known About Me. I shared these and our spring survey on my birthday! The facts are pretty interesting and fun, if I do say so myself! Now onto the five things you can definitely expect in the coming months!

Exploring Neurodiversity and Mental Health will be continuing!

I was overjoyed to see an almost unanimous love for this series. Mental health and Neurodiversity are two topics very close to my heart . I love sharing them with you all. Many suggestions poured in for what people would love covered within this realm and I will do my BEST to get to them all. This month I will be focusing on Maternal Mental Health. I introduce this mini series within the series right here! If you want to see what has been posted for EN&MH you can check it out here. My personal favorite piece thus far? “I Don’t Have The Kind of OCD You Joke About.

I will begin cutting down on the number of foster care posts.

This may come as a surprise to some people because it was a pretty split answer on the survey. Upon looking at our open ended questions though, a lot of them can simply be covered as an adoptive mom or a mother to many.

The truth is, and I’ll be posting more about this in a few weeks, we may not be going back to the foster care life any time soon. While it’s a passion of mine, Josh has made it very clear he does not wish to foster again any time in the near future. My heart aches for the need, my soul wishes we could-but I respect his and our kids opinions on this. I will still be posting about foster care adoption because this is and will always be a big part of what made our family a family. I will also be posting about the lasting effects it has within OUR family. However, I am choosing to take a step back from talking about foster care in general. If you want a few suggestions for foster care blogs, I am happy to help you find some.

This hasn’t been an easy choice on my part-in fact it’s been a big discussion in our family constantly for a few months. But for now…it’s where we are at.

We will be talking more about marriage and faith.

I also have heard you loud and clear. Marriage and faith are two things you want to see more of on the blog. To be completely honest, this is the second survey I’ve given and the second time those two things have been requested. I’ve shied away from it for two reasons.

First, I feel like both are such personal matters. We are obviously a religious family. We attend church and my kids are taught how to pray, read their bibles, etc. I know though, not all families will look like mine when it comes to being a Christian household. I never want to come across as thinking I have all the answers. Same goes for marriage!

Secondly, I feel wildly unqualified to talk about faith and marriage. Josh and I have an overall amazing marriage. I don’t want to say something about our choices and lead another marriage into a bad place. For example, he is the head of our home and he’s amazing at it. He handles all our finances. In another home that may not be right for this family(which brings back point number one). And I often worry that my knowledge and wisdom of the Bible is not enough to speak on it.

But I hear you guys. For some crazy reason, you want to read more of both on my blog. So it will be there-the best I can!

Family adventures are here-and they’re going to stay!

But in the wake of walking away from posting about foster care, I will still be posting about our family…which means family adventures! They have been around the past few weeks and will continue to be discussed! Some kind soul said they also would love more photos of us because “we’re all adorable.” I think so I’ll include those! In case you missed my May goals, we are heading down to Florida this August so that will be a whole SLEW of adventures. In the car, on the road, visiting the Everglades…you name it! And….

There will be VLOGGING!

I am amazed how many people like our faces. APPARENTLY YOU ALL LIKE OUR FACES. Between votes for live videos and vlogs, this was a huge one. So we’re in the works of making a youtube channel where you can all tune in and see us! My plan is to have it up and running, ready for August so we can vlog a whole bunch of our family trip to and from and in Florida!

That being said, this won’t be a “replacement” for my blogging. Writing is my passion and love and that’s what I’m here to do. This is just a more hands on and I think fun way to share a lot of our family adventures! I’m working on making an opening sequence right now!

That’s what we have to look forward to in the coming year! Is there anything you would love to see more or less of?!

6 thoughts on “Five For Friday: What’s on the Horizon!

  1. I totally know what you mean about being hesitant to post marriage stuff. What works for one relationship may not be right for another, so I think it can be a really fine line to figure out how to approach that topic. I’m sure you can handle it well though!

  2. Girl, don’t worry about feeling unqualified. As long as you make it known that it isn’t a formula and just because you suggest something doesn’t mean it’s 100% what everyone should do, you will be totally fine. God will give you words as you seek him and stay humble to your audience!

  3. Neurodiversity and mental health are some interesting topics! I’m bookmarking this so I can come back when I have a little more time to sit down and read those. On another note, your kids are adorable. I am meeting so many bloggers who are doing foster care or fost-to-adopt and I think it’s amazing work!

  4. I’m excited! Redirecting can be hard but exciting! The page is looking real good lately too. 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you will miss fostering but I am sure it is a wear and tear on the heart. SO wonderful for you to have contributed already. <3

    • says:

      Thank you! I’ve been working hard on the look 😉. My heart still aches for it. Thank you for your kind words though 💙

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