Five for Friday: October Update!

Hey y’all! One of the things I want to make sure I do is an update, Five for Friday, once a month. In the coming months, I plan to have them on the first Friday of the month, but for October, I guess we better do it the second Friday.

This past month has been crazy, eventful and a blast. I’m pretty exhausted most the time, but I am also the good kind of tired. What’s been happening the past few weeks?


We hiked Mount Greylock!

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we hiked up Mount Greylock, to the highest peak in Massachusetts! Doodle, our friend Scott, myself and Bear all went up the side of the mountain, all 3400+ feet into the sky! It was amazing and beautiful. Scott and I made our walk alone, though, because Doodle raced the time of a friend of hers. Bear was awesome as always.


The Ramble is such a wonderful memory from when I was little. My parents used totake all us kids(really, all of us!) on the Ramble every year. One year my great grandmother was the oldest person to hike it! And I have quite a few memories of my siblings being carried up the mountain in backpacks, like I did with Bear. I hope next year to convince my husband to come along with all the kids, but sickness has us down this past week.


We got our family photos back and I am ALL THE HEART EYES.

My sister in law took family photos for us in August and I am so in love with them. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve seen some and later in the week I’ll be sharing some along with tips for taking family photos with so many people. I just am in love…absolute love.


I participated in Coffee with Summer’s #mugsandmoreswap

I desperately wanted to do her swap last year, but it was right when we were moving and I just couldn’t. SO when Summer mentioned this…I jumped on it. No joke, I may have been the first person to sign up less than ten minutes after she posted it. I anxiously awaited my match and loved the match I got, Allie! She picked out the best mug and scarf for me. So glad Summer hosted this again and thankful for my swap buddy.


Josh and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and I could not be luckier to have this man.

I know. I rave on my husband quite often. But he really is such an amazing husband. His love for Jesus is so beautiful and shines so well through his loving us. On our anniversary, we managed to get out for a hibachi dinner and just time together, something we miss out on far too often because there’s a child attached to me 90% of the time. I shared what my vows would look like if I wrote them today as well.

He made me a beautiful chalk pallet board to hang on the wall for “What I’m Thankful” days or any other theme we want to do. It’s so amazing. I have another post in the works that will focus on some ways to use those kinds of boards to strengthen your family’s connections!

Next week, Josh and I are beginning our own little diet.

Diet may be a terrible word for what we hope to do, but we need to start to eat healthier foods and exercising more. Josh and I have not focused as much on health the past three years and it’s starting to really catch up with us. We have excuses, after all, we added 6 kids in 3 years, but we do need to stay healthier for them and for ourselves. I aim to have us both in much better shape by the end of this year; even with the holidays coming up!

In case you missed them, my favorite posts from the past month include:

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Happy October, y’all! I am so happy this autumn season has begun.


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