Five for Friday; June

Hey all! June is underway and we are so excited for it. My middle son, Monkey, celebrates his sixth birthday this month and the littles are all released from school for summer…oh man! Planning summer fun has begun as well; we already have our couple and kids bucket lists set up!

What’s been happening in the Bellows Bunker since our last update?


(Doodle’s new, unmade bed. But how can I get mad when she has her Bible out and is reading it on her own??)

We have had a room switcharoo!

After much discussion between my husband and I, we decided our 13 year old should be allowed to try out her own room for awhile. We moved Monkey and Princess into the same room and put Doodle into her own. This is partially for the experiment part of it-we’ve had lot of battles about cleaning rooms, taking care of personal space, and putting away clothes lately. Both girls claimed it was the other making the mess and well, Monkey was just a mess on his own…so this is our experiment part of this particular science endeavor. Our eventual hope is to move the three boys into the biggest room and have another bedroom in the basement…we will see!For now though, this is our new housing arrangement.


(I’m calling it tye dye hair. because….well ya know.)

I have a new hair color.

And it was an “uh oh” move. I’m okay with it for now, but it did not turn out as I hoped. My goal is to bleach it for part of the summer and then eventually add a tiny bit of dirty blonde back in, as that is my natural color. The real goal was to outwait the natural roots coming in and dye it as close as I could get to that. Eventually, my hope is to be back to all virgin hair, though I love dying it so much, that may not occur.


(Savoy State Forest- Our favorite swim hole!)

We had an amazing first weekend of “summer.”

You can read more about our Memorial Day Weekend in this post, but it was a great time. It’s really kicked off what I hope to have this entire summer encompass: fun, adventure, and relaxation. We have a packed weekend planned over the next few days as well! I’m honestly just so excited for summer and learning and growing with the kids.


I’m trying my hand at two new desserts this weekend, one healthier than the other!

We have The Group(my church’s young adult fellowship and Bible study group) on Saturday and our church picnic on Sunday! I have ideas for desserts for both days; dessert kabobs and a fruit cake! The kabobs will of course have a gluten free option and the fruit cake will be gluten free as well! I’ve really enjoyed the creating healthy foods with some of the special diets my friends have. I’m hoping these are a hit like the past few recipes!


(I have really loved this outfit, but more importantly how I have felt with my own body.)

Speaking of diets, I’m about to begin one!

I’ve been feeling pretty great about my body, but my body is not feeling great about me. I blame it a lot on eating foods that are not so great for me and the past week or so not exercising at all-I want to use the heat as an excuse, but excuses aren’t what winners do! I’m planning on cutting down pretty big on processed foods and sugars, while not cutting them out completely, and making sure I walk at least 30 minutes everyday from here on out. I honestly don’t care about my weight or the size of my pants(though I do care that they are so weirdly sized in different stores and brands..ugh). But I want to feel better and I think part of that is my pretty unhealthy diet. And I mean unhealthy, y’all. I’ve had ice cream like every day the past few weeks.


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday; June

  1. Oh man! I know that must be exciting for her to get her own room! I never had to go through that. I was an only child for the first 8.5 years of my life and there was a third bedroom when my little bro was born. I know that it is super exciting when kids who have never had their own room get it for the first time. So cool!

  2. I can’t believe it’s almost summer break! Where did the school year go? Your hair looks pretty. My hair has gotten darker over the years and I highlight it, but occasionally try to get back to my natural color. Now, I’ve dyed it so much, I’m not sure what that is anymore. Best of luck with cutting down on sugar and processed foods. I’m almost done with my Whole30, but I want to keep doing those things too.

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