Five for Friday: July!

Hey all! Happy first day of July. Our weeks since school let out have been a little crazy…but so much fun! We’ve been hiking, swimming, and spending all our time outside. We’ve yet to have a really bad weather kind of day, which makes summer amazing. What have we been up to?

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1. All the outside fun!

I wanted to make this summer about a lot of outside time. Hiking has been one of my kids favorites, as well as going to the beach. I wrote up a post about how I get 5/6 kids to the beach on my own. We’ve also been hiking a lot as a family and I’ve been trying to put together posts to show anyone who visits the Northern Berkshires good trails to hike with their kids! So far we’ve gone on a few hikes that I want to tell you all about-one is already up on Tannery Falls and I hope to have ones for Savoy State Forest’s North Pond Loop and Clarksburg State Park’s Shoreline Loop! Keep an eye out for a five for Friday, five best places to bring your kids swimming near North Adams!

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2. I received my first Ipsy bag and I loved it.

I chose to get an Ipsy bag this past month and plan to get it again! You can read my entire review here, but long story short? It was a great 10 dollars to spend. I had a blast with it.


3. Monkey’s Birthday!

We celebrated Monkey’s birthday as well as a few others on Father’s Day. It’s safe to say we are pretty far behind, so we actually celebrated 5 birthdays and Mother’s and Father’s Day at this one party. That’s what happens when everyone is crazy busy. Monkey had a blast being loved on and he got his first fishing pole…so I have heard non-stop begging to go fishing. I love our insane family when we get all together. Plus, good food is always a plus.


4. A good health journey!

In our last update, I mentioned how I wanted to become healthier and I’m happy to say that’s been a lot of fun to get on top of. From eating better to exercising more, my body feels better than it did at the beginning of last month. We’ve been hiking often, I’ve been keeping track of my steps with the Fitbit, and I actively try to make cleaner choices when it comes to what I’m eating. Just have to get healthier in the sleeping aspect of life!


(How I feel for summer vs how she feels haha!)


We have so many things planned for this summer. Camp Ashmere for the kids, going to my parents camp all together, free Fridays in Mass. I have so many things scheduled and planned…and I’m also ready to relax. I’ve purposefully not planned anything one day every week so we can just chill and some of the smaller things(hiking, swimming, etc) are low key and easy. I’m just loving summertime.

I can’t wait to keep sharing this summer with you all!


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      I technically have 6, but one is 20 and lives on his own! I’m not sure, are we neighbors? I’m in North Adams MA!

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