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I often times do random updates, but since it’s been a pretty awesome and eventful week(and I want to tell you about some more changes happening with this blog!), I decided to go along with what a lot of bloggers seem to do with a Five for Friday post! I believe I did one of these a few weeks ago as well. This totally isn’t going to be a weekly thing, but I figure every so often updates on our lives won’t completely bore you!

IMG_9401 (2)Five

We are fighting so hard in the house to get healthy! Our family is taking part in the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge and we’ve been doing great! Well, we’ve been doing great with the actual eating healthy and the exercising…I’ve been doing terrible with the tracking on the website. But c’est la vie…it’s the being healthy that matters right?! Anyway, we’ve been eating delicious foods(one of which you can check out here: an avocado, egg, and cilantro mash!). We have also been walking a lot and I’ve been doing exercises in home. I’m trying not to weigh myself and go more by how clothes fit. I have a goal dress I want to fit into for our big date night in July. (Hey, Josh, there’s a big date night in July!)


Which leads to number two…I had a moment of absolute terror this week. If you follow my facebook, you saw a little rambling of this, but if you don’t, here’s the short story. While walking a mile with Bug, I stopped for a moment to grab a photo of him with some of the downtown street art in North Adams. He smiled at me, looked across the street, spotted a dragon on that mural and darted across the road. Thank the good Lord the person turning onto the road was paying attention and he stopped right away as I ran after him as fast as I could. I ended up with a nice few bruises from hitting my body off a sign pole, he had one from falling as I grabbed at him; but this could have ended a lot worse and I’m counting my blessings it did not.


I recently went through my yearly goals and realized all the things I’m not succeeding at…and I’ve been working so hard at trying to fix those things. One area I’ve been really slacking in is my relationship with Jesus. I’ve skipped prayer time, I’ve completely avoided reading my bible. It’s been pretty bad. So I’m taking 15 minutes a day to be in complete solitude, quiet and just with Jesus. It’s rough, especially when there’s a baby who nurses nearly constantly and really does not believe in sleep…but it’s also worth it. Here’s to feeling remotivated in that. I also am grabbing a few books today and getting back on my 52 books in 2016 schedule.

I’ve been adoring living back in North Adams. My hear is so smitten with this area and I’m passionate about raising awareness of good things and highlighting the pluses!I’m going to be trying to do a weekly Saturday post about small businesses in the area. If you or anyone you know owns a small family or personal business, let me know!! E-mail me at


And number five; where I want to see this blog go. I’ve been so passionate on here the past year about foster care and adoption, two things that weigh heavy on my heart. I probably will never stop talking about those things. But I’m at a place where I want to talk about momming, wife-ing, and being a homemaker without focusing on that part of our family. We will always be a blended family-nothing will change that- and I’m sure it will come up a little, but I don’t want that to be what I make our family about. So in the next few months, I will be having DIY projects, recipes, some family and mom advice, and a lot of things about the North Adams area! I hope you’re all ready for this!

What have you been up to this week?


4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. That’s so scary about little man running into the street. It’s so hard to not be able to control and protect them! I’m glad you all are okay!

    And your little town looks so cute. I might have to take that recommendation to come visit when we’re looking for a trip!

    • says:

      You so should! If you enjoy camping, Josh can set you up;). It was horrible, I cried for a while

  2. I look forward to seeing where your blog goes from here. I’ve liked it up till now, so I’m sure I’ll love it going forward!

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