Five for Friday: Gifts with Foster Care

Do you have something you consider a special gift? Or talent? I don’t really, not beyond being able to love others really well, but I know there are many people out there with gifts that can be given to others. In my usual way, I want to give those talented people out there a few ideas of ways to use their gifts to help children in foster care!


Photographers! Are you a photographer, be it professional or amateur? Offer your services for free or at a discount to those foster and adoptive parents out there. Most states encourage foster parents to keep photos of these kids so they have something to send with them when they are reunified or move on to an adoptive home. Adoptions are also a beautiful thing and many people would jump on the opportunity to have a third party come to an adoption and get photos for them to remember this joyous moment.
Knitters! There’s this wonderful program that helps you knit red scarves for youth in college who are involved in foster care. It’s pretty simple, you knit a scarf for college students. This website gives you a few more details about the project.
Bakers! Offer to make cakes for birthdays or adoption celebrations! Cookies, cupcakes, etc. They are all appreciated to help make great days better. There are also often birthday parties that happen with biological families at area offices that could use a bit of brightening up.
Computer Techies! I mentioned the photos above and one great way to preserve those memories are life books. If a foster or adoptive parent is like me and technologically challenged, helping them through that can be amazing! It is also super helpful if you can help them set up a Dropbox to share photos with other family members privately.
Builders! You ladies and gents have an extra awesome gift you can give to both foster and biological families. There are many rules and regulations a home must meet for foster care or before a child is reunified and with your gift, you can help a home meet those. Sometimes these are as small as a bedroom needing a door put on. Other times, it’s something like removing a hazardous object. If I was single, I would have desperately need help building beds and cribs. You can take what you are good at and give that back to families in need.

As always, I urge any one and everyone to become involved in the system in anyway they can. Not everyone can be a foster parent, but every single one of you can help a foster child! If you think you could use one of these gifts to help a child or family involved in foster care, please contact your local foster care agency and see if they can send you in a direction to help!


3 thoughts on “Five for Friday: Gifts with Foster Care

  1. lovely. God gives us gifts to be used. These are all great ways we can use them for children who have not understood a Father’s love. Many blessings to you and your brood. 🙂

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