Five Finds For the Week!

Children are always growing. Always. And pregnant mamas? We are growing too!

Over February vacation, I decided to run to the local mall and get some clothes for our growing babes. Pants were most needed, because they keep getting taller. So I packed up all the kids, minus Bug, and headed out shopping! We had five awesome finds, for the kids and one for this growing mother.


  1. Doodle’s Pants from Rue21! (Not pictured because she was too cool and brought them to her sleepover!) Rue 21 had a Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale on jeans, so Doodle got two pairs of jeans, these in black and these in a dark wash blue.  I’m having a hard time with her turning 13 and the fact she’s buying clothes from the store I get most of mine at? Not making it any easy. Darn it having teenagers.
  2. five for fridayMy shirt from Rue 21. While waiting for Doodle to try on her jeans, I saw a 3$ rack and this grey shirt popped out at me. My usual shirts are slowly becoming too short for pregnant me, so an XL will work the next few weeks(hopefully!) and after I lose the baby belly, probably become a longer shirt with leggings.
  3. Monkey and Bug’s Pants from The Children’s Place. I love The Children’s Place. When I saw they were having a 7.99$ jean sale, I knew I would have to go in there and grab some for my boys. They are both super thin and tall as well, so the waist lines I can bring in help. Two are pictured because Monkey wanted them to have matching pants…they’re just different sizes!
  4. Target Dollar Socks. The dollar section in the front of Target is my favorite thing ever. I have to walk away quickly. But when I walked by and saw a bunch of cute little socks, I had to buy some. We lose socks constantly and Bug needed them desperately. Plus…a dollar for some Star Wars socks? Sign me up!!
  5. Dollar Hair Pieces for Princess. I honestly only was going to buy these because Princess was forced to walk around with us and didn’t need any clothing. My little fashionista loves any accessory, so two dollars for four adorable ones worked out amazing.

Did any other mamas do some clothes shopping this week? What are the awesome sales you got?


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