February Recap&March Goals!

Hey y’all! Can you believe that tomorrow is MARCH?! I feel like February just began and suddenly BOOM. This month will mark Bug turning three and Bear turning ONE! A whole year with little BearBaby. I am not ready for this.

February was a great month. While the weeks are short the days felt long and slow and I was basking in all the snow this time of year. We had a great February vacation. The kids are just such fun when we spend days out and about.

February Recap:

Live Video on Bellows in the Berkshires. I did two live videos on our Bellows in the Berkshires Facebook! Both were for #mynorthadams and I loved them! I’m excited to do a few more, though I’m not sure what I would talk about live. I loved it though-it was a blast! I love to talk in front of people like that. I might use Facebook Live to share a little of my testimony…what do you all think?

Begin Exploring Neurodiversity& Mental Health. Guys I am SO HAPPY about this series!The first installment came out last Wednesday and was simply an introduction. Tomorrow we will begin with an informational article about ADHD. We are still taking stories of Neurodiversity and Mental Health!

3 Exercise videos a week.While my food habits have been really good, exercise has been a bit rough. I hurt my knee around the tenth and then my elbow less than a week later. So theres a few weeks in there I didn’t do what I intended to because the injuries, I’m feeling pretty good about the amount of exercise i did manage!

7 Days to better intimacy. We did not completely succeed in this(holla at your injuries and sickness…ugh) but we were so much more intentional about being intimate and I’m probably going to be sharing some advice later this month about being intimate despite having a lot of kids…because it’s not always easy, but it is SO worth. Josh said we can try this goal again…oh, my husband ha!

Overall I’m feeling okay with our February goals…now onto March! We have five goals this month!

March Goals:

Complete a spiritual fast. I’ve really felt called the past few weeks to do a fast. Josh and I have some bigger decisions to make in the upcoming months, one specifically being on me, and I keep feeling drawn back to the idea of fasting from all the extras to free up more of ME to hear God’s voice. We will be doing some less intense fasting as a family for Lent(read below about that!) but I have planned a fast on a few of our slower days. Hopefully the answers will become clear and I will hear His voice over the noise of this world.

Walk/Run/Hike 40 miles. After struggling so much with getting the videos done(because honestly, some of those exercises were HARD and I wonder if some of the injury came from trying to do things I couldn’t do), I decided to go back to my favorite way of making myself move! I’m praying that the warmth stays around so we can take the kids on some great walks and hikes, but mainly, I will be going 40 miles-at least- this month.

12 blog posts in March! I succeeded in writing nine this month without having a hope of doing that many, so I will be pushing forward to attempt to write three a week, and hitting twelve posts this month. I am super excited about the posts I have already started!

Stay on track with our GIFT challenge for the kids. I created a Lenten challenge that focuses on Giving, Intercession, Fasting, and Thankfulness. I am so excited to go through it and bring our children closer to Jesus through it.

Get Three Dates. We’re upping the score this month and attempting to get three date nights! February was lacking in dates, mainly the only one we got was the church dance and that was less a date and more a mama has to work, daddy has to show up. We can definitely feel it when we get such little time alone together…so we’re upping the ante this month!

So those are my February goals recapped and my March goals that are coming up! What are your goals?

6 thoughts on “February Recap&March Goals!

  1. I’m taking a few cues from your goals for this month! I want to do some sort of discipline/fast for Lent and I want to go out on a date or two with Dan. It’s been too long since we had some freedom!

    • ljmarceau@gmail.com says:

      Date nights can be so hard to make happen, but they are the best! I’m praying you get a date nigh 🙂

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