February Parenting Photo Challenge!

My wonderful friend Mindi and I wanted to do a photo challenge for those parents out there like us: the ones who can’t candy coat every moment of their day because we have crazy lives filled with children who don’t smile pretty while sitting at the table coloring.
Mindi and I are both currently pregnant with our sixth child, hers all biological and mine, as you know, a variety of foster to adopt, guardianship, and biology. We often find ourselves laughing at our own lives and at how some of our daily routines and lives feel so different from some of the other parenting lives we see on social media.
That led us to talking and we decided we wanted to introduce this challenge in hopes of connecting some more parents on social media like us; what mom out there doesn’t want a few more “mom friends” to laugh and cry over the realities of life with?


Any and all parents are welcome to join us: biological parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, parents who no longer have children living in their home, parents who have suffered from a loss of a child(or children), and those who are pregnant!

If you consider yourself a parent, WE consider you a parent!

Please join us for the month of February and enjoy finding other honest, non posed, insane families out there. Use the hashtag #nocandycoatedparenting-we will be following that hashtag and checking it daily. You can also see our personal accounts at Bellows in the Berkshires(Lauren) and Living Through Chaos(Mindi!)


7 thoughts on “February Parenting Photo Challenge!

  1. I love this idea! I tried taking part in a January Instagram daily challenge and let’s just say that I’m failing miserably. I might just need to give yours a whirl though. 🙂

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