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One of the resolutions I made for the new year was to read 52 novels in 52 weeks. Books one through four went by great, I read four books and enjoyed them all well enough.

The second installment came along however and I have not been reading them as well as I had last time around. Between pregnancy getting harder and sicknesses, I just haven’t had as much time. I’ve finished three and am about halfway through the fourth, so I decided to just go ahead with my reviews for the three I’ve read! My plan is to read the Harry Potter books over the next few months, so those novels will be easy enough to read and I’ll totally get through them even with a newborn.

“The Me I Want to Be” by John Ortberg. This book was handed to me by my pastor as an idea for a bible study with our young adults group and I was very wary about it. The title turned me off; I truly expected one of those usual self help books that used empty encouragement. This book was such a pleasant surprise though! While it was filled with encouragement, it was also filled with logical ways to use who you are to become you-ier-the you God intends for you to be. It talks about w we all becoming stronger Christians in our own ways and how to utilize our ways and not the ways we believe we are supposed to use and the sins we are privy to. I have every intent of doing the bible study with our young adult group once I’m back on my feet completely. I highly recommend this book!

“Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White. While looking for another book, I found this one and decided to go ahead and read it- shockingly I never had! It was about as good as I remember the movie. I cried towards the end, which was to be expected. I really recommend this book for anyone who works with teens! I’m in the process of making the 13 year old read it. (Maybe. It’s not really her usual cup of tea!)

“Holy Vocabulary” by Micheal Kelley. This is a great educational book if you need some reminders of the vocabulary of the Christian language. It goes through the words we use almost daily and breaks down how we use them and how they were meant to be used in a biblical context. It definitely made me take a step back and remember the real meanings behind a lot of them. My favorite was delving into the Biblical meaning of repentance, but they were all things to note.

Next month I will hopefully also include the last book of this month! But I’m totally allowing myself some grace on this front, because newborns are hard work!

What books are you guys reading?


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