FBCNA Winter Wonderland!

In case you missed it last year, our church has started having an annual dance every year to get together in fellowship and share fun times together. This is our second year and the second year I’ve helped create this event! We have so much fun and I just wanted to share some tips and tricks, as well as a very easy and cheap tutorial for games to play while at the dance.

We set up a few games that we had going during the night. I had read about a marble game where you sucked it with a straw on Pinterest. I’m not sure how anyone made it work-we struggled to get the marble into the air and move it from place to place. I acknowledge failure on my part (I’ve been told it was pompom balls or *THE HORROR* cotton balls…so now I get it).
Not shockingly, a game where you simply guessed a number and possibly won a bunch of candy and a water bottle was a hit. We also did a newlywed game, which I played instead of hosting this year, and that was a huge hit as well!

But the real winner? The heart shaped game of pong I created earlier that day. It was super easy to make, cute and cheap, and a TON of fun.
When I say cheap-I mean cheap. I ran to the local dollar store and bought a white poster board, 24 cups, and two things of colorful tape. Like any good crafter(I’m not) I had a glue gun on hand(still in the packaging from when I ordered it at Halloween time) and I added a few sparkly hearts and blue for decorations(I stole these from my children).
And any doubt it will be to difficult?! NOT AT ALL! I simply put the cups in the shape I wanted to glue them down and one by one, went along gluing. The shape was simply a pyramid, like the pong you played in high school, with two cups at the top to create the heart like feel.
Voila! Super easy, super simple, and super fun! My one recommendation is this-I couldn’t find ping pong balls so I borrowed some of the babies ball pit balls and they were a little too big. But other than that-no regrets. It seemed to be fun for everyone involved. We didn’t add any liquids to the cups, not because we’re the kind of Baptist that doesn’t drink, but mainly because it was indoors and below freezing outside. You could easily add water for some outside, summer fun.

Our decorations were again 100% thanks to the amazing Jen Solak. I’m forever amazed by her creativity and talent.

A few tips?

1. If there’s going to be a dinner part, make sure you’re providing options for the people involved who have food allergies or sensitivities. We make sure to take care of our gluten free and allergic friends and family every year and I know I’ve been told they’re very thankful to not have to worry about it.

2. Triple check EVERYTHING with the venue before hand. We had some really cute water bottles-and then found out we couldn’t bring our own water in.

3. A suggestion I really want to put into place next year-nanny share! A good number of our church family has kids and there were a few couples who couldn’t come because of baby sitter situations. I want to suggest a few central houses with a few baby sitters at each!

4. Use Spotify Premium! Seriously, this isn’t a paid ad-it’s just something that helped so much! We had a microphone, a speaker and Spotify Premium. All suggestions were played, no extra DJ cost. It was awesome.

5. HAVE FUN! Y’all, we can get so caught up in trying to make sure everything looks perfect and has the perfect feel and everyone is taken care of…just have fun. Especially if you’re one of the dance planners.

I cannot wait until next year but for now, I’m just basking in the glory of another great dance-and feeling thankful thankful thankful to the people who put in the effort to make it work!

2 thoughts on “FBCNA Winter Wonderland!

  1. Peggy Shartrand says:

    What made it even better is the fact that it isn’t only for married couples!! Every adult in our congregation could come and have a great time!!

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